Institute for Christian Thought and Practice

The Institute for Christian Thought and Practice prepares men and women with foundational competencies and commitments in Bible, Christian theology, Church leadership, and practical ministry skills through both liberal arts and professional majors.

With its breadth of faculty and range of on- and off-campus experiences and opportunities, the Institute for Christian Thought and Practice gives Foresters the space to sharpen their capacity for verbal and written communication, develop the skills necessary for leading others in growing faithfulness to God, and strengthen the virtues required for service of Jesus Christ and His Church.

Whether your called to graduate school or seminary after graduation or ministry leadership, Huntington University will prepare you to follow the path God has placed in front of you.

For those interested in graduate school or seminary, your experience will involve the interpretation of the Bible, theological and doctrinal reasoning and understanding of the Christian tradition. Many also choose this major, as it includes courses in the Bible and its interpretation, biblical languages, systematic theology, archaeology, and Christian doctrine.

For those students preparing for ministry leadership, your academic experience will involve critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and change, and are designed to integrate biblical truth, evangelical theology, Church history, leadership, teaching, and ministry skills and methodology.

Christian Thought and Practice Programs

Decades of Experience

The Institute for Christian Thought & Practice was established in 2020 out of the understanding for a need for a more complete and well-rounded educational foundation for our students interested in studying this very important subject matter.

The Institute's six full-time faculty members have varied and extensive backgrounds that equip them to guide you toward deeper faith and better understanding.

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