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Board of Trustees

University Governance

Huntington University is governed by a self-perpetuating, thirty-three member Board of Trustees. Eight of its members serve through appointment to the Higher Education Leadership Team of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ. Three board members serve ex-officio: the presidents of the Huntington University Foundation, the Alumni Association, and the Student Senate. Except for the latter, trustee members are elected for terms of four years.

Those elected as Trustees are expected to (i) possess a genuine and personal relationship with Jesus Christ as evidenced by a vital witness and spiritual maturity, (ii) have an evangelical commitment, (iii) actively participate in a local church congregation, and (iv) subscribe to the University’s Statement of Faith.

All trustees shall (i) acknowledge and evidence a commitment to the mission and heritage of the University, (ii) demonstrate integrity and maturity, (iii) willingly support the University and influence others to do so, (iv) have a primary commitment to the University with respect to service as a trustee, (v) willingly carry out trustee duties in a manner that avoids all possible conflicts of interest, (vi) be persons of high and recognized character, and (vii) be committed to Christian higher education.

Board members may access the Trustee Portal (login required).

Constituent Support

The University depends upon the interest and generosity of its various constituencies in providing resources for current and future operations. Current annual gifts are very important in meeting the necessary obligations of the institution. Deferred gifts and investments in the form of cash, bonds, securities, life insurance, annuities, and real estate build a vital and solid foundation for future growth and operation.

Current income is provided by student tuition and fees, which provide three-fourths of the operating revenue, and by gifts from generous supporters, from alumni, and from the church. Additional revenue is provided by annuities and life estates and by a modest endowment.

Persons desiring to remember Huntington University in their wills, to receive information on estate planning or deferred giving, or to become involved in a major gift for current fund or capital campaign are invited to call or write the President for a personal response.

Executive Committee/Officers

Herbert A. Schumm — Chair
Monte J. Lightner — Vice Chair
Ronald J. Freeman — Secretary
Carol A. Clark — Academic Programs Committee Chair
Thomas A. Clounie — Advancement Committee Chair
Rae A. Gonterman — Board Development Committee Chair
Dalton M. Jenkins — Enrollment Management/University Relations Committee Chair
Brian D. Nofzinger — Finance Committee Chair
Nancy Lamport — Student Life Committee Chair
Todd H. Fetters — At-Large Member

Board of Trustees

Mr. Thad Abel
Mr. Lars Anderson
Dr. W. Jody Bowser
Mr. Robert Caley
Dr. Carol A. Clark
Mr. Thomas A. Clounie
Mrs. Candace Curie
Mr. Brian G. Emerick
Rev. Brooks L. Fetters
Rev. Todd H Fetters
Mr. Thomas Feusse
Mr. Ronald J. Freeman
Mrs. Rae A. Gonterman
Mr. Adrian Halverstadt
Mr. Brian Hughes
Dr. Dalton M. Jenkins
Ms. Nancy K. Lamport
Mr. Monte J. Lightner
Mrs. Kristi L. McConnell
Dr. Richard D. Merillat
Rev. Dennis Miller
Mr. Brian D. Nofzinger
Rev. Martin T. Pennington
Mr. Rex D. Schrader
Dr. Herbert A. Schumm
Ms. Ashley Spirek
Ms. Jeanne' Wickens
Mr. Matt Wilcox
Mr. C Robin Wright

Chairman Emeriti

Dr. Donald L. Duff
Dr. C. Ray Miller
Dr. Kelly Savage

Trustee Emeriti

Dr. Paul B. Baker
Mr. Ronald Baker
Dr. Larry L. Lance
Mr. Paul E. Lehman
Dr. Emmett W. Lippe
Mr. David N. McGinnis
Mr. Kenneth W. Savage
Mrs. Nancy L. Stouffer
Mr. Thomas L. Tyler
Dr. Howard A. Whaley

Honorary Trustee

Dr. Phil Howard