Youth Ministries


Lead the next generation of Christ-followers

Do you have a heart for shepherding the next generation to grow in their faithfulness to God? Preparing for a career in youth ministry will train you in implementing biblically sound strategies for ministry that will impact youth in church or parachurch environments. From settings such as church ministry, youth camps, inner city and urban youth ministry, residential programs for at-risk youth, and so much more, you’ll be able to engage with teenagers and lead them toward increasing maturity and faithfulness in their relationship with God. 


    Youth Ministries Curriculum

    The youth ministries program integrates biblical truth, evangelical theology, church history, and educational psychology and methodology. You will grow in critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity as you learn practical ways to lead and nurture the youth of tomorrow. Hands-on experiences will immerse you in a church or parachurch setting to put your education to practice, while growing in real-life ministry skills.

    Take Courses Like:
    • Mission of the Church
    • Lifespan Development for Ministry
    • Discipleship & Evangelism
    • Relationships in Ministry
    • Ministry Leadership
    • Personal Life of the Minister
    • Youth Ministry
    • Contemporary American Youth Culture
    • Curriculum Development
    • Teaching Character Transformation

    Dedicated Faculty and Staff

    Psychology degree students sitting and chatting Psychology degree students sitting and chatting

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