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Agricultural Studies

Faith, family, and farming have always been uniquely connected. Opening in the fall of 2015, the Haupert Institute for Agricultural Studies at Huntington University promotes a Christian perspective on agriculture, which recognizes our responsibility to be good stewards of God's creation and to examine questions of sustainability and justice.
Art + Design

Art + Design is dedicated to producing artists of unique and creative thought and outstanding Christian faith. The program enables students to develop an understanding and appreciation for the history and the modern impact of art, to acquire a broad experience in the creative use of methods and materials, and to obtain confidence in their ability to integrate their faith, knowledge and creativity.
Bible and Religion

The Bible & Religion Department provides a foundational competence in the Bible, Christian theology, and religious thought. Courses in Bible, interpretation methodology, Biblical languages, archaeology, world religion, and Christian doctrine are all designed to help students examine and deepen their faith commitments in the service of Jesus Christ and His church.

Glimpses into the molecular basis for life have caused biology to grow in scope in recent years, and opportunities in this field are also growing. The Biology Department prepares students for entrance into professional schools, such as medicine, dentistry or optometry; entrance into graduate school in biological fields; research and application of biology in industry positions; and teaching careers in middle and secondary schools.

Students pursing degrees in Business are instructed by exceptionally credentialed faculty who challenge them to think critically, work diligently and integrate faith with their studies. No matter the focus of their discipline – Management, Marketing, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Leadership – all students (residential, adult and online) learn to connect theory to real-world analysis and problem-solving. Ethical behavior, effective stewardship, community impact and success in the business world are interwoven in graduates.

Huntington's Chemistry Department equips students to pursue both a life of faith and a career in research and industry, medicine, or education. Biochemistry and pre-pharmacy tracks are also offered to students interested in the health professions or biotechnology. Students are taught by exceptionally credentialed full-time professors and have access to high-tech equipment and well-stocked labs. Students are encouraged to explore opportunities to study off-campus, partner with professors on important research projects, or intern at one of the Midwest's leading chemical or pharmaceutical research labs.

The Department of Communication offers three degrees to prepare students for careers in a wide range of media-based jobs in the fields of public relations, radio, television, and journalism — and in a wide variety of non-media areas that use communication as the central tool for accomplishing objectives, such as human resources, intercultural ministry and missions, information management, event coordination, and teaching. Students study communication in its multifaceted dimensions, practicing faith-informed thinking about the ways our society tells stories and communicates values.
Computer Science

Computer science is a fast growing and rapidly changing field. Huntington's Computer Science Department provides students a solid foundation in the fundamentals of computer science, plus the flexibility to explore the latest innovations in technology and programming. Students gain the analytical skills, hands-on experience, and technological savvy needed for success in the modern workplace - skills for today, adaptability for tomorrow!

Huntington University’s counseling curriculum takes a holistic approach to counselor training. Students in our Master of Arts in counseling program learn how to integrate cognition, emotion, behavior, and Christian spirituality, not just for the sake of their future clients but for their own growth as well.
Criminal Justice

The criminal justice system brings order to society and helps to uphold the laws that protect its citizens. Huntington's Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice fully equips students to serve within this field with careers in corrections, juvenile justice, law, criminology, addictions, and public policy. With knowledge gained from a Christian perspective, students are prepared to show God’s redemptive love to people who have violated the law or who are victims of law violations.
Customized Academic Programs

Huntington University offers you the opportunity to design your own Customized Academic Program (CAP) to be a perfect fit for you. As you design your CAP, you can look across the full range of the curriculum and select courses from multiple disciplines to create a new program of study designed to exactly match your interest areas and educational goals. You can combine existing courses related to your areas of interest to build a major that best matches, well, you!
Digital Media Arts

The Digital Media Arts Department gives students the skills and experience needed to use the mediums of digital film, animation, and broadcasting to tell stories that convey the human experience from a redemptive perspective. At Huntington, students study with some of the best Christian artists and filmmakers while using state-of-the-art computer labs, spacious film studios, and task specific areas, such as a sound design mixing room, a foley pit, and a stop motion facility—all while using the newest gear in film and animation production.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is a rapidly growing field. TESOL courses equip students and professionals for English teaching overseas, in U.S. schools, in community or church-based ESL programs, through social work organizations, and in nonprofit outreach to immigrants, refugees, and English learners born in the U.S. Huntington University offers online graduate courses in TESOL that allow students to earn a certificate, Master of Education degree in TESOL or a Master of Arts degree in ministry.
History and Political Science

Huntington's History and Political Science Department offers a broad program of study that is research-led and taught by professors that are dedicated to their students. Students develop abilities in literary and oral communication, argument analysis, teamwork, independent research, and presentation skills that equip them for careers in law, political science, not-for-profit sectors, business, media, government, and more.

The Department of Kinesiology offers multiple degrees that lead to careers in a variety of fields, such as rehabilitation, sport and exercise industries, recreational programs, and sport ministries. Students are also well prepared to pursue graduate programs, further expanding career opportunities. Students receive extensive hands-on experience through practicum courses, internships, and service learning.

The study of a modern language is strongly recommended for all students, not only to acquire linguistic skills, but for the purpose of gaining insight into the cultural diversity of the people of the world. The Langauge Department helps students improve proficiency in understanding native speech and writing and prepares them to communicate effectively and creatively in both oral and written modes. Classes are offered in Spanish, French, and German, with minors in Spanish or TESOL/EL also available.
Master in Physician Assistant Studies (Pending)

Huntington University plans to offer a Master in Physician Assistant Studies program beginning in January of 2022, pending accreditation by ARC-PA. HU is building a highly-qualified faculty team for its proposed program so that students may participate in an engaging and productive learning environment both on campus and in clinical rotations.
Master of Business Administration

Huntington University’s Master of Business Administration program offers students a solid business foundation while providing them with a host of hands-on, practical opportunities. HU's 36-credit hour program is design to be completed in just two years and is an onsite and online hybrid. Students will only be required to be on HU’s main campus one night each week with the remaining coursework completed online.

There is great demand today for individuals with strong analytical skills and experience in the development of new technologies. The Math Department offers individualized degree options and hands-on experience through internships, preparing students for a wide variety of careers requiring problem solving, logical reasoning, and the application of modern technology.
Ministry and Missions

The Huntington University Department of Ministry and Missions has a discipleship-based approach, with the primary goal of preparing graduates to implement biblically sound strategies for ministry. Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees are offered. PRIME, a key distinctive of our Bachelor’s programs, is more than an internship, it’s a life-changing seven-month, full-time, off-campus ministry experience with intensive mentoring by a proven ministry leader. Our online Master’s programs help graduate students answer the call to Ministry around the globe.

Huntington University offers exceptional music training within the context of a rich liberal-arts education. The Music Department helps students develop as musicians and scholars, and ultimately, expand the depth and breadth of their creative energy and expression for the glory of God.

Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program is built upon Christian principles and is strengthened by our broad curriculum in the liberal arts. The program provides students with extensive on-campus and off-campus clinical experiences as well as in-depth training in human anatomy and physiology and chemistry. The faculty prepare students for a successful career in nursing through the integration of academic excellence, Christian faith, and professional competence.
Occupational Therapy

At Huntington University, you can earn your associate degree in occupational therapy assistant, then continue on to pursue your bachelor's in health science and doctorate in occupational therapy. The associate to doctorate track can be completed in seven years. HU's occupational therapy program equips students for professional service, promoting the development of skills in leadership, advanced practice, and research while encouraging growth in faith.
Organizational Leadership

The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership program empowers you to apply theories and practices to your immediate area of influence. Interacting with your peers as a community of practice gives you the opportunity try new skills, discuss leadership challenges, and shore-up ideas in tangible ways. Students will create a personal development plan during their time in the program. The faculty will review the plan, and make suggestions on ways to accelerate the growth process.

The Philosophy Department engages in examining the basic assumptions on which all our knowledge and beliefs are built and in seeing how the world fits together. Philosophy is outstanding as a pre-professional major for students planning on graduate study in law or theology. Students are trained to think deeply and critically, providing intellectual training for any field of study.

Huntington University’s Pre-Law program prepares students for success in the law school admissions process and for the legal profession beyond law school. Courses in the program are designed to enhance students’ critical thinking and writing skills, including the ability to analyze complex problems, synthesize information, and present clear, focused, and persuasive arguments.

There is perhaps no greater calling than that of nurturing human life, and Huntington’s Pre-Med graduates have been answering that call for over a century. With the quality preparation they have received, alumni have gone on to become physicians, surgeons, pharmacists, dentists, optometrists, medical researchers, and more. Our faculty are outstanding scientists and engaging instructors who challenge students to think critically, work diligently, and integrate faith with their studies, as well as advise them individually in their career goals.

Huntington University provides a high-quality, Christian education while creating an accelerated path to earning a doctorate degree in pharmacy. Students in the accelerated pre-pharmacy track take two to three years of pre-pharmacy study at Huntington and then directly enter a four-year pharmacy doctoral program at another institution. In all, students earn their doctorate degree in pharmacy up to two years faster, without first having to complete a bachelor’s degree.

The Psychology Department offers an atmosphere of stimulating scholarly inquiry within a supportive Christian environment. Students are encouraged to develop and strengthen their personal system of Christian values as they relate the scientific study of behavior and mental processes to the truth found in Christ. Coursework for residential undergraduates and adult students online fosters critical thinking skills while preparing students for graduate study or entry-level employment in a psychology-related field.
Social Work

Huntington's nationally accredited Social Work program addresses the current needs of individuals, families, groups and communities, allowing students to be globally aware and locally active. Through course instruction, community service, global connections and over 600 hours of field experience, residential and adult students are provided entry into the social work field and the capacity to become licensed in any U.S. state and are prepared for pursuit of a master’s degree.

Students in the Sociology Department engage in the study of human interactions, gaining an in-depth understanding of social institutions, cultures, social problems, and social change. Through discussion-based courses, students learn to integrate sociological theories with Christian principles and refine their individual conclusions about society.
Still Deciding

Huntington's broad approach to liberal-arts education will introduce you to many academic disciplines, help you to examine connections between them, and ultimately choose your own path. You will develop skills that are transferable to many settings, including creativity, communication, critical thinking, ethics, teamwork, and leadership. Just as importantly, a Huntington education will not only do things for you, it will do things to you. You will be transformed into someone who sees the world through the lens of a Christ-centered worldview.

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and is a rapidly growing field. TESOL courses equip students and professionals for English teaching overseas, in U.S. schools, in community or church-based ESL programs, through social work organizations, and in non-profit outreach to immigrants, refugees, and English learners born in the U.S. Huntington University offers online graduate courses in TESOL that allow students to earn a certificate, MED in TESOL or a Master of Arts in Ministry.

The Institute for TESOL Studies offers programs to help students expand their minds and their career options. Professionals and students in a wide variety fields, such as education, missions, ministry, social work, and international business, find relevancy in receiving training in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

The Department of Theatre Arts challenges students as they train with knowledgeable and experienced faculty and guest artists to create entertaining, thought-provoking, and diverse seasons of plays, musicals, student directed one-acts, and studio productions. Technical and artistic skills are developed while students engage in critical thinking that reflects the historical foundations as well as more current advances in theatrical training. Integration of faith is paramount as students learn to embrace a deeper understanding of their own humanity and the world at large.
Worship Leadership

Students pursuing a Worship Leadership major develop an understanding of true worship from a biblical and theological base – to worship in spirit and in truth. Huntington’s program is comprehensive, exploring traditional, contemporary, and emerging worship styles. Our worship training program offers a unique combination of ministry leadership preparation and specialized skill development in music and multimedia and includes PRIME, a 7-month, full-time, off-campus ministry experience with intensive mentoring by a proven ministry leader.