Exceptional Populations


Reach all populations, regardless of ability

Having a compassionate heart for the exceptional populations in our midst is such a needed gift. With the proper education and training, you’ll receive knowledge, understanding, and experiencing working hands-on with these populations and individuals. Completing the courses and practical experiences in this minor at Huntington University will equip you to work in agencies outside the school system such as churches, mental health agencies, social service agencies, and more.


    Exceptional Populations Curriculum

    As an education major, earning a minor in exceptional populations will equip you to help students with unique needs thrive in the classroom setting. Beyond education, this minor can assist other career paths such as those studying special needs ministry, missions, occupational therapy, and more. The degree requires 22 hours of coursework along with various experiential learning opportunities. 

    Take Courses Like:
    • American Sign Language
    • Education of the Exceptional Learner
    • Behavior Management for Mild Intervention
    • Methods for Exceptional Learners: Mild Intervention
    • Educational Psychology
    • Interpersonal Relationships

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