Chemistry Pre-Med


Prepare for your next step in medicine

Studying chemistry pre-med at HU provides our most comprehensive chemistry preparation for medical school. You’ll be able to incorporate biology classes to prepare for careers with a biochemical emphasis. Additionally, this program sets you up with all the prerequisites needed for med school while incorporating faith into every aspect of your life and learning. With a 95% acceptance rate to med school, you’ll be prepared and confident as you move into the next step of your medical career.


    Chemistry Pre-Med Curriculum

    There are multiple paths to a career in medicine, and Huntington University has routes to get you there, ensuring your prerequisites are met and you’re prepared for the next step. You will also gain lucrative experience in research, working alongside PhD faculty, or applying for competitive off-campus research experiences during the summer months. In fact, 78% of HU chemistry students complete major undergraduate research—something that you will need as you progress in your medical career.

    Take Courses Like:
    • Principles of Chemistry
    • Cell Biology
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Principles of Physics
    • Advanced Cell and Molecular Biology
    • Biochemistry
    • Instrumental Analysis
    • Genetics
    • Physical Chemistry

    Dedicated Faculty and Staff

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