Friesen Center

Building Stronger Foresters

We believe that there is no better way to learn than by putting your theoretical knowledge to practical purpose. That’s why the Friesen Center for Service and Experiential Learning exists: to help develop students both personally and professionally so that they are best equipped as Christ-centered servant leaders. We provide students with the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice through internships, practicums, and volunteer work. Students get the best of both worlds, gaining practical experience while glorifying God through service.

The Friesen Center was founded in 1992 as the Joe Mertz Center and has since become an integral part of campus life. It was renamed in May of 2013 in honor of Dr. Norris Friesen’s lifelong commitment to serving others.

Career Development Opportunities

Now the Friesen Center includes not only service activities but also career development opportunities through experiential learning.  The Friesen Center works with students in the following career focused areas:

  • Internships, Practicum, and Job Shadowing
  • Career Closet
    • Students are welcome to shop for free for career appropriate attire
  • Resume Critiques and Coaching
  • Career Development Workshops
  • Interview Coaching and Classroom Instruction
  • Networking opportunities
    • College to Career Mini Conference
    • Networking Events
    • Agriscience and Business Career Fair
    • Visiting Employers Events
  • Mock interviews with area employers

Experiential Learning While Serving Others 

Part of what sets Huntington University apart is our commitment to ensuring that students graduate with practical experience in their degree field as well as opportunities to serve others. In 2023 the Friesen Center partnered with CSI Ministries to combine service with career interests. The result was a weeklong experience in Jamaica where students put the skills they have learned at HU to work in the Jamaican culture. In addition, the team took on a large service project to help the 4-H building shine inside and out with freshly painted walls. Students will be able to experience this unique opportunity again in Spring 2025.


What better way to interact with a community than by faithfully serving others? Through service, students gain valuable experience meeting the specific needs of a community in tangible ways, developing soft skills in leadership and collaboration in diverse situations.

Cultural Experiences in relation to a student’s field of study

  • Jamaica
  • Service-learning experience every odd year

Volunteer Opportunities in the Community and on Campus

  • Fall and Spring Service Day
  • Day of Giving Service Event
  • Monthly volunteer opportunities at the Sewing Barn
  • Blood Drives twice a semester with the Red Cross
  • U Can Crush Hunger event in cooperation with Community Harvest Food Bank
  • Operation Christmas Child with Samaritans’ Purse
  • Fall Break Trips, Spring Break Missions and other mission trips

Service-Emphasis Week

  • Special chapel guest speakers focused on sharing service opportunities and stories.
  • Volunteer Fair where students are introduced to local opportunities to serve.

Home of the Friesen Center Student Leadership Team

  • An opportunity to serve others by leading and facilitating special events on campus and in the community. Great opportunity to sharpen leadership skills, event planning and marketing skills.

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