Spencer Craft


Hello! I’m your admissions counselor, Spencer Craft. I am an HU alumnus, and I can’t wait to work with you through becoming a fellow member of Our Forester Family!

I love HU because of the community. We are just the right size for you to get to know most people you encounter. I made some of my best friends at HU, we lead a small group together, and we started a podcast. As a student, I made a group of friends who gave me the title of Grandpa. The friends I made at HU pushed me in my faith and encouraged me to have a passion for the Lord and the Bible!

A few fun facts about me:

  • I majored in Business management.
  • I love getting to know people on a profound level.
  • One of my best HU memories is recording a song in the stairwell of one of the dorms with my friends.
  • Pickleball, Music, and young adult ministry are ways that I love to spend my time.
  • I play guitar, mandolin, uke, piano, resonator, and I sing.