Professional Development

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Step 3 builds your professional repertoire to help you share information about yourself, building your personal brand. Use resources to learn how to communicate your strengths, skills, and passions. Need help as you build your resume and STAR stories, contact Also, learn how to build your professional network. See the information below!


Capitalize on your experience by creating a top-notch resume with these techniques. Highlight your education, skills, and strengths with clarity and conciseness. For personalized feedback on your resume, contact




Elevator Pitch

A useful career tool, the elevator pitch serves as a way to introduce yourself to a new colleague or a potential employer. In fact, Ascend recommends that you develop your elevator pitch before a career fair or interview. Explore the resources below to develop your elevator pitch!



STAR Stories

Situation. Task. Action. Result. Prepare for interviews by developing STAR stories to describe tangible actions you took to accomplish a task. Include the results for impact. Use the information below to begin your preparation.

Building Your Network

Discover tips for building your professional network in an article by The Balance Careers.

Build and maintain your network, using the worksheet above. Or revisit your Student Notebook to keep all your career-readiness tools in one place.

Personal Student Notebook

Professional Development is a integral part of preparing you for the next step after college. As you prepare to enter into the workplace in the coming years. Inside of your Personal Student Notebook we have provided a space for you to store your networking contacts, resume drafts and STAR stories.

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