Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

worship leadership 

Earn a degree that fits your skills.Valuable Experience, Strong Curriculum

The Worship Leadership program at Huntington University is flexible enough to be tailored to your profile, broad enough to build a solid foundation for ministry, and practical enough to provide you with valuable experience.

Our curriculum is designed to build a foundation for worship ministry.

Real Experience, A Career You Want

Our courses have been carefully designed to give you the building blocks of that foundation. When you choose to become a Worship Leadership major, you will want to determine whether you will follow the guitar or piano track. In addition, you’ll want to look for places where you can use your skills and implement your new ideas. We will help you get plugged into a place of service where you can do just that. We also provide high interest seminars on a regular basis, outside of the curriculum, to enhance your education experience. Finally, the highlight of your experience at Huntington University will be the summer and fall of your senior year when you will be immersed full-time in worship leadership through PRIME, an internship that is specifically designed for you.

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