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Teaching English Learners (Accelerated format for adult learners)teaching english learners (accelerated format for adult learners)

The Institute for TESOL Studies offers certification in teaching English learners (ELs). A wide variety of teachers and other professionals find relevancy in this 15-credit certificate. Individuals working in education, missions, ministry, social work, international business, and numerous other fields benefit from earning their TESOL Certificate or state certification in teaching ELs (see following paragraphs for further explanation). ITS offers this program in an accelerated, evening format for adult learners. These courses take place on Wednesdays from 6 to 10 p.m. at Huntington University.

For public school educators or students majoring in education, ITS offers state certification in teaching ELs. This is the nomenclature used by the state of Indiana for ELs enrolled in public education. The certification in teaching ELs, approved by Indiana’s Department of Education, is an excellent complement to a professional teacher’s licensure.

TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and is the general nomenclature used in this field. More specifically, the TESOL Certificate equips students and professionals for overseas English teaching, community-based English instruction in the U.S., and church and non-profit outreach to refugees, immigrants, and U.S.-born ELs. In short, the TESOL Certificate is for anyone who is not a licensed public school educator in the U.S., but who works with English language learners overseas or in a native-English speaking country.

TESOL Certificate/ Certification in Teaching ELs (15 credits total):

Course Title 



 TEX 233 Foundations of TESOL / ELs (3 credits) TBA  6-10 p.m.
 TEX 235 Instructional Methods for TESOL / ELs: 
Reading & Writing (3 credits)
TBA  6-10 p.m.

 TEX 234 Instructional Methods for TESOL / ELs:  Listening & Speaking (3 credits)

TBA  6-10 p.m.
 COX 322 / MI 321 Intercultural Communication (3 credits) TBA  6-10 p.m.
 TEX 395/396 TESOL/EL Practicum (3 credits)  Flexible (to be arranged with your practicum supervisor)  Flexible (to be arranged with your practicum supervisor)

Additional Practicum Information

The length and duration of the practicum experience varies widely depending on context. All students must complete a 120-hour practicum, comprised of teaching hours, materials preparation, grading, and observation. Some students complete their practicum in a local context; others opt to go abroad. Students are welcome to join ITS’ annual summer trip to China. This is a 2 ½-week experience and includes teaching primary and middle school Chinese students, as well as working with Chinese teachers of English. Still other students may choose to complete a TESOL / EL Practicum locally by working with ELs in Fort Wayne or another nearby city. Any number of local or foreign opportunities exist, ranging from a couple weeks to a couple months, depending on the student’s interest, schedule, and partner organization.


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