Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

emergency contact information

In the event of a medical emergency after hours or on weekends, the medical clinics and hospital listed below can be contacted (click here for the hours and addresses of the clinics and hospital). However, if the situation is serious or life threatening, 9-911 should be called from an on-campus phone or 911 from an off-campus phone.

In the event of an emergency or closing on campus, information will be posted here:

To update your information, follow the instructions in the HU Portal: CAMPUS ALERT DATA FORM.

Emergency        911
Huntington University Police
(Officer Barry Cochran)
Hours: 6:00 PM - 6:00 AM Mon.-Sun.
Parkview Huntington Hospital ER 260-355-3501
Parkview Family Practice Associates 260-356-5424
Parkview First Care 260-359-3070
Redi-Med  260-359-1250

Important Phone Numbers

    Office #   Home or Cell #
Brown, Jesse (Associate Dean of Student Life) 260-359-4028 260-224-1408 (cell)
Campus Safety 260-359-4035 260-224-1412 (cell)
Coffey, Ron (Vice President for Student Life) 260-359-4029  
Counseling Services   260-359-4027  
RD Baker / Roush  260-358-3515 260-358-3890
RD Forester Village   517-862-6744 (cell)
RD Hardy Hall   260-358-3571 260-358-3888
RD Livingston Hall 260-454-6200 260-454-6201
RD Miller/Meadows Hall 260-358-3800 260-358-3850
RD Wright Hall  260-358-3647 260-358-3889
Maintenance    260-359-4053 260-224-0933
MJV Janitor Service   260-359-4073 260-519-0539
Smith, Martha (Associate Dean of Student Life) 260-359-4040