Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

graduate christian ministry

Huntington University's Graduate Christian Ministry programs train students to effectively impact their world for Christ. The programs challenge students with sound biblical and theological principles to effectively lead ministries to fulfill the mission of the Church.

This two-year program is offered in a seven-week structure with each course offered every other year. Unique to Huntington, students have the option of taking the classes face-to-face, online live or online recorded.

Globally Focused

Huntington will engage students with a global mission to create partnerships and to find the population, whether domestic or abroad, to fulfill God's mission. Two-year Master of Arts degrees are offered in:

Sound Leadership

Huntington takes a holistic approach to preparing pastors for leadership. Along with preparing students for biblically sound and engaging sermons, they also are prepared to oversee worship, Christian education and counseling ministries for their churches. Learn more about our two-year Master of Arts degree program in:

Huntington University also offers a Youth Ministry Leadership program that takes graduate students to the next level in their ministry with a more research-focused program. The leader-launching feature of this program means that graduates will have had concrete opportunities to leave their mark on the practice of youth ministry.


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Becca Cline, Huntington University, Townsend InstituteContact Becca Cline to learn more about the graduate ministry programs.

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Degrees Above the RestFor years, students have been trained not only in counseling but in youth ministry leadership and education. Over the next two years, Huntington’s graduate programs will expand to include occupational therapy, global initiatives, global youth ministry and pastoral leadership. In addition, the university is partnering with Dr. John Townsend to form the Townsend Institute for Leadership and Counseling.
Huntington University launches three graduate Christian ministry degreesHuntington University will launch three new graduate Christian ministry degrees this fall to continue its mission to “impact the world for Christ.” The two-year, master’s level degree programs will concentrate in the areas of global initiatives, global youth ministry and pastoral leadership.