Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

executive-in-residence program


The Executive-in-Residence program at Huntington University exists to explore, facilitate, and model the integration of Christian faith, ethics, values, and world-view into the realm of business.


The program is directed toward two principal audiences: first, to the community within and already connected to the University, the program is intended to provide a forum for teachers, business professionals and college students to meet, come to know one another, and explore a variety of current issues affecting one’s life in business today from a Christian perspective. Second, to the community outside the University, not yet connected to its work, the program is an outreach of education, cultural enrichment and a witness of the work, grace and thought of God’s people in the everyday business world.

Specific Goals:

To contribute to the spiritual formation and development of students and business people who wish to explore and to integrate Christian faith, their work, and their personal lives.

To provide area business people a network of Christ-following fellow laborers for group, individual, and professional challenge and comfort.

To provide Huntington University students with opportunities to meet area business people for shared discussion, learning and fellowship.

To provide Huntington University a distinctive ministry of teaching and service to area business people that, in turn, may enhance the financial stability of the College.

To provide prospective students and their families a further reason to consider Huntington University for the intellectual, practical and spiritual formation of young people.

To learn more about the next Executive-in-Residence seminar, please send e-mail to Professor James O’Donnell, Or write Executive-in-Residence Seminars, Huntington University Department of Business, 2303 College Avenue, Huntington, Indiana 46750.

James M. O'Donnell


(260) 359-4236   

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