Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

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Dr. Del Doughty, professor of English and chair of the Division of Humane Studies, has been named the interim senior vice president for academic affairs. During 2012-13, Doughty will be responsible for leading the faculty and developing new academic programs.

Doughty joined the university faculty in 1996. He earned his Ph.D. in comparative literature from Penn State in 1995.

Beginning this fall, the university will launch a national search for its next chief academic officer. Dr. Mary Ruthi, professor of sociology, is chairing the search committee composed of seven faculty members, the registrar, the Student Senate president, one senior administrator and the president. Read more... 

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Dr. Del Doughty, Huntington University, a Christian college 
Dr. Del Doughty
Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs