Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

developing a worship leader

Becoming an effective worship leader at Huntington University.Huntington University is committed to developing you as a whole person. All Worship Leadership students are required to complete forty-seven units in liberal arts. The liberal arts core of our curriculum will equip you to be a life-long learner, able to embrace the challenges of 21st century leadership.

Worship Based in Ministry

Worship Leadership is a ministry major. Your calling will be clarified and horizons will be explored in Foundations of Christian Ministry. You will learn principles and strategies for spiritual formation in Discipling Ministries and increase your effectiveness across the age spectrum with the content of Lifespan Development for Ministry. Essential training in the unique relational and philosophical challenges of ministry is provided through Relationships in Ministry and Theological and Ethical Issues in Christian Ministry. You will be confident to address the biblical and theological issues of ministry. In addition to the Bible and Religion classes required in the liberal arts core curriculum, Worship Leadership majors will take Old Testament Introduction, New Testament Introduction and eight units of Systematic Theology.

Becoming An Effective Musician

Worship leaders are required to be musicians. The Worship Leadership program provides training in basic musical skills. You will lay a foundation for a life-time of musical growth through Music Theory/Form I and Aural Skills. We will provide training for your vocal development through Voice Class I and Voice in Contemporary Worship. Within the music core curriculum, you will have five units of music which may include class or private instruction in piano or guitar, theory, and/or ensembles. See the Music Department page for more information.

A Liberal Arts Core

The liberal arts core classes will equip you for living. The ministry, Bible, and theology courses will prepare you to minister in the church. Music courses will help you develop confidence and skill. The worship core classes will help you synthesize your own worship leadership philosophy and learn the practical skills to impact your world as an effective worship leader.

Most Worship Leadership students will have the opportunity to take several elective units to complete their major. You will be encouraged to take courses in visual art, communication, theatre, or music, depending on your own gifts and motivation.

The Worship Leadership major is broad enough to build a strong foundation for life and ministry, AND focused enough to give you the specific skills that you will need in worship. See Course Descriptions for a complete checklist of courses.