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Guide to the Oliver & Mahala Hadley and Mary Hadley Wilson Collection 

Prepared by Randy Neuman, Archivist, 11/29/2007 

Overview of Collection 

Record Creator:  Wilson, Mary Hadley
Title:  Oliver & Mahala Hadley and Mary Hadley Wilson Collection
Abstract:  Oliver & Mahala Hadley were missionaries in Sierra Leone from 1866 to 1869. Mary Hadley Wilson was their daughter. The collection contains Oliver Hadley’s diary and miscellaneous letters.
Quantity:  .25 linear feet (1/2 box)
Identification:  UBHC.UB 4-III-1-SS2-MC1

Biographical Note 

Oliver and Mahala Hadley served as missionaries to Sierra Leone from October of 1866 until the Spring of 1869. Natives of Indiana they both returned to the state in April of 1869 where Oliver Hadley died within one week of his return. Mahala Hadley returned to Sierra Leone in December 1871 and served until April of 1874. After her return to the states Mrs. Hadley married John Bridgeman in 1885. They moved to Washington State where Mrs. Bridgeman remained until her death in 1929. Mrs. Bridgeman was ordained in 1891 at Dayton, Washington.
Mary E. Hadley Wilson, daughter of Oliver and Mahala Hadley was born in Frankfort, Indiana in 1865. In 1883 she traveled with other missionaries to Chinese Mission School at Portland, Oregon where she taught for one year. In 1886 she married Isaac Harden Wilson of Dayton, Washington. Rev. Mrs. Wilson was ordained in 1900 by the Walla Walla Conference. She died at Dayton, Washington in 1942.

Scope Note 

The collection contains the diary of Oliver Hadley, letters and miscellaneous articles collected by Mary Hadley Wilson, daughter of Oliver and Mahala Hadley.


  • Series 1: Diary
  • Series 2: Correspondence
  • Series 3: Sermons
  • Series 4: Writings
  • Series 5: Biographical & Genealogical

Preferred Citation 

When citing material from this collection please use the following format: Direct reference to the item or its file folder, The Oliver and Mahala Hadley Collection, United Brethren Historical Center, Huntington, Indiana. Do not make use of the item’s call number as that is not a stable descriptor.

Access Restrictions 

There are no restrictions regarding this collection.

Subject Terms 

Subject Names – Additional Creators 

Mary Hadley Wilson
Jane Mason

Subject Names – Personal 

David Brown
Elizabeth Brown
Ida Castle
Nicholas Castle
Henry Evinger
Daisy Fleming
Daniel K. Flickinger
Joseph Gomer
Mary Gomer
Mahala Hadley (African Namesake)
Effie Hodgeboom
Moy Ling
Cora Loew
Ellen Sickafoose
Mary Melissa Titus
Edward Hoy Uringe?
Isaac Harden Wilson

Subject Names – Corporate 

Portland Chinese Mission (United Brethren in Christ)
Women’s Christian Temperance Union

Lafayette United Brethren Church (Lafayette, Ind.)

Subject Topics 



Subject Geographic 

Sierra Leone
Portland, Oregon
Dayton, Washington





Container List

Series 1: Diaries       
Call Number    Title  




Diary of Oliver Hadley 


Series 2: Correspondence       
     Subseries I: Oliver and Mahala Hadley   
Call Number  Folder   Title   Date(s) 
4-III-1-SS2-MC1 2 To Rev. David & Elizabeth Brown (5)  1867-1872 
  3 To Daniel K. Flickinger (2)  1868 
  4 To Joseph & Mary Gomer (1)  1870 
  5 Nicholas Castle (1)  1884
  6 Joseph & Mary Gomer (3)  1886-1888
  7 Moy Ling (1) 1887
  8 Cora Loew (3) 1909-1912
  9 To M. M. Titus (1) 1916
  10 Daisy Fleming (1) 1924
  11 Mahala Hadley (African Namesake) (1) 1924
Series 2: Correspondence       
     Subseries II: Mary E. Hadley Wilson   
Call Number  Folder   Title   Date(s) 
4-III-1-SS2-MC1 12 Pupils of Portland Chinese Mission School (1) 1884
  13 Ida Castle (1) 1884
  14 Mary Gomer (1) 1884
  15 Moy Ling (1) 1884
  16 Ellen Sickafoose 1884
  17 Edward Hoy Uringe? (2) 1891-1892
  18 To Effie Hodgeboom (2) 1930-1931
  19 To M. M. Titus (1) 1937
Series 3: Sermons       
Call Number  Folder   Title   Date(s) 
4-III-1-SS2-MC1 20 Sermons by Mahala Hadley Bridgeman (3)  n.d.
Series 4: Writings       
     Subseries I: Mahala Hadley Bridgeman   
Call Number  Folder   Title   Date(s) 
4-III-1-SS2-MC1 21 Report to WCTU (1) n.d.
Series 4: Writings       
     Subseries I: Mary E. Hadley Wilson   
Call Number  Folder   Title   Date(s) 
4-III-1-SS2-MC1 22 Position on Prohibition (1)  1936
  23 Early Missionaries of the U. B. Church (1)  n.d.
Series 5: Biographical and Genealogical   
Call Number  Folder   Title   Date(s) 
4-III-1-SS2-MC1 24 Obituaries, newspaper clippings, handwritten biographies, genealogical charts, legal document concerning Lafayette (Ind.) United Brethren Church 1863-1941