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the writings of Milton Wright

Milton Wright was a great believer in the written word. His writings include letters, articles, diaries, pamphlets, sermons and many other forms written communication. He served the editor of the Religious Telescope and was a publisher of the Christian Conservator and the Richmond Star. This site is an attempt to make many of the writings of Milton Wright available to researchers and the general public. The bulk of this collection will be articles that he wrote for The Religious Telescope and the Christian Conservator but we will also attempt to include many of his letters and pamphlets. 

The Christian Conservator

July 15, 1885
  The Church Commission Act
July 15, 1885   Address to the Church
(petition by committee, Milton Wright was one of the signers)
July 15, 1885   Protest
(petition of several ministers of the denomination, Milton Wright was one of the signers)
October 1, 1885  

Our Chinese School

November 1, 1885  

Portland Chinese Joss House

December 15, 1885  

From the West

March 4, 1886   Christian Manliness
March 18, 1886   A Coast Pioneer
March 25, 1886   Commission Correspondence
April 1, 1886   The Riverside Country

The Religious Telescope

January 21, 1880      West Mississippi District

Wright Life

This section is composed of articles or biographical information about the Wright family as found in the Christian Conservator.

1884, October 10       Personal Mention - completing conference rounds

Wright Controversy

Wright's career with the Church of the United Brethren in Christ was far from calm. He was usually surrounded by controversy including the denominational split of 1889 and the Publishing House controversy of 1902-1905. Documents in this area are about such controversies and may contain references to Bishop Wright.


The Church Commission

A Creed on Wheels
(PDF 1.5MB)
      written in opposition to the changes made to the United Brethren Constitution and Confession of Faith made by the Church Commission of November 1885.


A Few Facts
(April 13, 1904)
      letter to the editor by Bishop H. T. Barnaby. Overview of the controversy and the stance of the side against Bishop Wright.
The Conservator and the Church Trouble
(April 31, 1904)
  editorial by C. H. Kiracofe. Defense of the Conservators policy on including articles written by both sides in the controversy.
Our New Volume
(August 31, 1904)
  editorial written by Conservator editor, C. H. Kiracofe. Essentially it is a defense of the actions of the Conservator in relation to the Publishing House controversy. Bishop Wright is not mentioned by name but his part in the criticism of the paper is alluded to.
A Conscience Void of Offense
(September 7, 1904)
  by Rev. D. K. Flickinger, Secretary of Missions. Critical of those who are criticizing the way the Publishing House controversy was being handled.
This Trouble Will Be Settled
(September 7, 1904)
  by Rev. W. S. Titus. Proposal of a settlement.

Letters to Jacob Howe

Sept. 27, 1905      

Holiness and Sandusky Conference; Mrs. Kiracofe; Bishop Barkley & Clark; McMunn; White River & Oklahoma Conference; Wilbur flies 11 1/6 miles.

Oct. 31, 1905   

J. S. Rock & J. Bittinger; Kansas Conf. & E. Atkinson; Quarterly Conferences at Hartsville, Rugby, Blue River; Liberal UB incursions; White River charge

Nov. 9, 1905  

Bro. Dorcas estate, Bro. Rothfuss donation, C. W. Linker note; Kansas Conf. divisions; NorthWest work; J. Wilberforce seek reconciliation; Liberal/Radical conflict on White River Conf.; travel to Fairmount, Ind.; family votes for J. M. Pattison for Ohio gov.; against Latman & Keiter

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Faults of the seceding White River Conference, M. F. Keiter & R. A. Morrison

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Discussion of the work in Oklahoma, Arkansas Valley & Neosho; mentions E. A. Olmstead, E. Atkinson, Zion Church near Stafford, Sumner Church near Hope, C. B. Stark, W. A. Perkins, R. Goldsworth, A. D. Thomas, J. M. Johnson, S. B. McGrew, & L. G. Cowdrey

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R. A. Morrison stirring up trouble

PS [1906?] 

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C. H. Kiracofe a rascal

Jan. 1, 1906  

Howe to visit Hopewell charge

Jan. 27, 1906  

Howe as Mission Secretary; John Jackson; J. Seelig; S. M. Crom, George Wilson; Liberal UB failure at Hartsville and Blue River; M. F. Keiter; J. Wiberforce inclined for Africa, D. Wilberforce's naturalization

Jan. 31, 1906   

Update on Wilberforce family; Liberal UBs meeting at Hopewell

Feb. 15, 1906   

Fowlerton, John Burwick & M. F. Keither; Trouble with African mission & D. F. Wilberforce; Comments on Linker & Stoltz; J. E. Rector, Z. McNew,  J. E. Higgins, & J. Ridgeway to Liberal UBs; J. A. Rector remains with Radical UBs; Troubles in Oklahoma Conf. (Mt. Vernon, Blackwell, Manchester, East Saline, Riley, Square Cedar)

Feb 15, 1906  

Comments on R. P. Guyer

March 26, 1906  

Keiter, Seiple, Bessor, Morrison agitation; problems at King Street Church; Denominational divisions;; Missionary expenses; J. Wilberforce & C. Henderson wedding announcement

May 16, 1906  

J. Wilberforce's new wife

May 26, 1906  

Keiter problems; division in White River Conf.; Grant Co., Ind. lawsuit

July 5, 1906  

Plainview Church & Revs. Jackson & T. E. Kinneman; D. F. Wiberforce aquited moves to Liberal UBs; future of the mission at Imperreh; W. H. Willoughby, A. L. Hope and the work in Oklahoma

Sept. 20, 1906  

L. M. Davis, Bro. Wechler, A. A. Powell, Charles Clay stationing on White River conf.

Oct. 5, 1906  

Description of Bessie (Ramey) Wilberforce; Visits Joseph J. Wheeler to see the Wilberforces; much promise in the Wilberforce wives

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Short descriptions of the Wilberforce fiancees, Bessie Ramey & Constance Henderson.

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Short discussion on a former missionary to Africa [unidentified]

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The usefulness of the Wilberforces as a missionary; Missionary contracts; Chapel at Mattru, Sierra Leone

Oct. 6, 1906   

Discussions of prepartions to send the Wilberforce sons and wives to Sierra Leone

Oct 12, 1906  

More on Wilberforce sons and wives and their fitness to be missionaries

Oct 12, 1906  

Attends Rev. John Freeman reunion; R. S. Kindel to Messick; A. A. Powell to Brookville; Philander Lefforge mentioned; concerned about White River conference

Oct 12, 1906   

Church appointments of H. A. Smith, W. H. Clay; H. C. Foote, Crise & T. E. Kinnaman; worried about A. G. Johnson at Etna Ave. (Huntington, Ind.)

Oct. 14, 1906   

Christopher Wilberforce's marriage to Bessie Ramey; Taking care of the Wilberforce's debts; W. A. Kindle at Messick; Harry Malson at Marion & Fairmount; C. Clay refuses Fairmount; Holiness evangelist seeks to preach at Blue River churches; Confusion about Bessie Ramey's last name

Oct. 16, 1906  

Concerning clearing up the Wilberforce's bills before they leave for Africa

Oct. 16, 1906

No date & simply titled "The Wedding", attached to previous letter


Wedding of Christopher Wilberforce & Bessie Ramey

Oct 16, 1906



Complaint about travelling expenses not paid by S. A. Stemen; Liberty Class on Brookville Circuit majority for Keiter; W. H. Clay more friendly to work; Hog in the chancery anecdote

Oct. 26, 1906  

Death of missionary Minnie Linker; maintaining the field in Sierra Leone

Nov. 15, 1906  

Comments on some ministers in South Missouri Conf., H. Brown, Mrs. R. Brown, J. B. Crom, L. G. Cowdry; S. B. McGrew; A. A. Powelss reception at Mt. Zion; Further attempts by Keiter followers at seceding.

Nov. 22, 1906  

More on South Missouri Conf., McClure and smoking; Harry Malson's preaching at Fowlerton

March 15, 1907  

Seceders at Fairmount, Indiana; desire to see Ontario brethren; Flickinger policy failures in relation to Wilberforce; Marion, Ind. trial

March 25, 1907  

More problems with the Wilberforce family; the Liberal UBs and Imperreh Mission; J. E. Hott to another church; H. Malson at Hopewell; pursue peaceful policy with Liberals

April 19, 1907   

Joseph Wilberforce meets with M. Wright

May 23, 1907   

Information on the Marion, Indiana court case in relation to church property.

May 28, 1907   

D. F. Wilberforce, polygamy and native African missionaries; Liberal UBs and expediency; other comments on Sierra Leone missionaries; P.S - more informaton on the court case over White River churches; news of Harry Malson.

Oct. 30, 1907   

Complaint about Wm. Dillion as editor of Christian Conservator; Reliabiltiy of Rev. David Judd; Donations of Mary Trail & Mother Strayer; Complaint about the naming of African children; Linker to remain in Africa; Bp. Wood & conferences in the mission districts

Dec. 9, 1907  

Concerns about salaries of missionaries; J. K. Alwood advocates closing African Mission; mentions C. Wilberforce, M. Mullin, A. F. Stoltz, C. L. Linker, Clark.

Dec 16, 1907  

Concerning African missions; Native missionaries and tendancy toward polygomy; mentions H. J. Becker, D. F. Wilberforce;

Jan. 31, 1908   

Comments on Self-Denial Funds; Linker's motive for leaving Africa; Need for revival at African Mission; High regard for Stoltz; Readmittance of Virginia Conf. & Chambersburg; W.M.A. scheming; Comments on M. F. Keiter

Feb. 29, 1908   

Concerning A. F. Stoltz; further comments on D. F. Wilberforce and African misison

March 3, 1908  

Appointing A. F. Stotlz as the superintendent of the African mission

April 1, 1908   

Cold better; Criticism of Seipel; Bishop Wood's character; Comments on "Jim Crow" laws; Sister Rebecca Hayden's death & Hopewell Society; Sister White's sickness

April 21, 1908   

Christopher Wilberforce to manage Imperreh Mission; problems with the Joseph & Constance Wilberforce; Wilbur & Orville away

April 22, 1908  

Comments on the Wm. Galbraith family at Hartsville, Ind.; Conflict at Rugby church

April 22, 1908  

Discusses letter from Bishop Barkley; Pacific coast work on the decline

May 1, 1908  

Central College (Ind.) debt; Northwest mission zeal

May 1, 1908   

C. Wilberforce put in charge of African mission; Conversion not education on the mission field

July 7, 1908  

Expenses of sending a missionary to Africa; Fohl's chapel; Expenses of a house at Freetown; Mentions Linker, Stoltz, Woodward; Wilbur at LeMans.

July 16, 1908  

Fohl Chapel; Comments on Bishop Wood's article on missions; The African climate; Wilbur doing well after Le Mans accident.

July 24, 1908  

Untrue dispatches about Wilbur's injuries

PS [1908?]

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William Howard Taft and the court case over the UB Church split

NOTE [1908?]

This note is not dated.


Concerns sending Howe to Africa to check out the mission

Nov. 19, 1908  

Renewal of Mrs. Ramey's Conservator subscription; Going to Westfield, Ill.; Wilbur accident; Orville's recuperation

Dec. 31, 1908  

Central College (Huntington, Ind.) fund raising; Mrs. Indiana Whitesell

Aug. 2, 1909  

News of Bessie Wilberforce's death; Discouraged about African mission; Milton (son of Lorin) very ill.

Jan. 22, 1910  

Wm. Miller at College Park Church (Huntington, Ind.); Rev. Linker in Africa; Advice agains Wm. Beers; D. L. Dull sends article on Wilbur and Orville

July 15, 1910   

Mazo Faye's marriage; visits friends & relatives in Indiana; African missions

Aug. 18-22, 1910  

Cannot attend conference at Fowlerton; asks for transfer from White River to Auglaize conference; Comments on several UB ministers

Jan 12, 1911  

About writing a Church history

July 7, 1911  

Comments on C. Wilberforce, Linker, A. F. Stoltz, L. Winkel & Woodard; College Park pastors; selection of Central College president

Aug. 3, 1911   

Evangelization in brothels; the Wilberforce family; Sierra Leone mission

Nov. 2, 1911  

Denominational elections; J. E. Hott; Calvert P. Rogers & Fowler; Orville flys in Dare Co., N.C.

Jan. 3, 1912  

Wishes his manuscript on church history returned; plans to publish independently

Jan. 30, 1912   

Complains about his treatment by the Publishing Establishment over his writing of UB church history

Feb. 6, 1912   

West African Missions, D. F. Wilberforce and polygamy

March 8, 1912  

Concerned about African mission; speaks against polygamy; Wilberforce's hypocritical

May 5, 1912   

Wilbur comes down with fever

May 5, 1912  

Cannot meet with Educational board; Wilbur's work for the Radical UB Church

Note: May 5, 1912   

The family's church relationship; Orville's & Wilbur's character

May 9, 1912  

Appointment of Clark and Martin to Sierra Leone Mission

May 16, 1912   

Wilbur's illness; Power of the General Secretary of Missions

June 19, 1912  

UB participation in Wilbur's funeral; Wilbur's church membership

 June 22, 1912  

Wilbur's funeral arrangements; Wilbur's church relation

June 22, 1912  

Comments on Milton writing a UB church history


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More information on Wilbur's funeral; Wilbur's love for the church; Condolences from around the world; Milton denies influencing them on their Sunday shop closings.


This postscript has become separated from its original letter so cannot be dated accurately.


Liberal UB offer churches for Wilbur's funeral


This postscript has become separated from its original letter so cannot be dated accurately.


Thoughts on Susan Wright's funeral; UB participation in Wilbur's funeral


This postscript has become separated from its original letter so cannot be dated accurately.


Wright family church membership after the division of 1889; Dayton Radical UB organization; Wilbur favored to hold elective church office.

Nov. 8, 1912  

Comments on Greenfield charge, Rev. Hoffhines, J. S. Rock, Wm. Dillon & Rev. Allebaugh; John Patterson visits; Orville building Hawthorne Hill

Nov. 8, 1912  

Comments on the Epistle of Peter and foreknowledge of God

April 3, 1914  

The tragedy of Daniel Wilberforce;

June 2, 1914  

Repulsed by "D.D." usage; African missions and leadership; good news about Central College

July 11, 1914 P.S.  

H. D. Latman & Rev. King

Aug 14, 1914   

Criticism over the running of the Christian Conservator


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The Church and politics