Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

the huntingtonian

THE Huntingtonian has been the newspaper of Huntington University students since January 1918. Prior to that time the students of Central College produced the Central Literary Data. Originally THE Huntingtonian was produced monthly in a magazine format but it evolved over the years to an irregular newspaper. THE Huntingtonian is still produced and is available online.

The United Brethren Historical Center has an almost complete collection of archival issues of the publication. Some of those issues are being digitized and will be posted here on the website as they become available.

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Nov. 1914   Origin of Halloween—2; A Chapter from My Vacation Trip—4; Gems—5; Alumni Notes—6; Editorial—7; Daffy-Dills—8; Central College Calendar—9; The World Challenge—10; Harmony—11 
Dec. 1914 Central Experiment Station Dedication—2; Mechanical Drawing—2; Editorial—3; Review of Etiquette—4-5; Sociological Work—6; An Example—7; Central College Lecture Course—8; Central College Calendar—9; Basket Ball Passes—10; Cut Worm Corner (Con.)—11; Wanted Revenge—12
Oct. 9, 1951 Student-Faculty Reception Highlights Opening Activities
"Sylvan Four", Y Mixer, Henderson is New Biology Professor, New Business Manager, Gospel Volunteers
Oct.15,1951   Library Construction to be Resumed
Freshmen Give Drama Rough Time, Work Day, Auxiliary Entertains Faculty, Guha & Yarborough Join Faculty, Big and Little Sisters, Marriages, Student Council, F. T. A., Eastman Dies, Baseball, Basketball, New Coaches
Nov. 5,1951   Who's Who Nominees Selected
Library Started, Hayrack Ride, Booster Club, B. M. Walker Profiled, F. T. A. Convention, Senior Profiles, Penny Supper, Coach Baker Profiled, W. A. A. Party
Nov.19,1951 Work Day Nets $1000
Thanksgiving Banquet, Junior-Freshman Party, Spring Theatre Production News, Senior Profiles, Girls Basketball Continues for Another Year
Dec.12,1951   Choir Sings in Fort Wayne
Work Day, Senior Profiles, The Huntingtonian, Y. M. C. A. Meeting, Basketball Results
Jan. 21,1952   Students, Faculty Respond To Need For Whole Blood
New Staff Announced, Peggy Clouse Chosen Homecoming Queen, Weddings, Senior Profiles, Y. W. C. A. Meeting, Basketball Results
Mar. 3, 1952   Truth Plays Big Part in Banquet
Washington Banquet, Basketball Results, Clericus Play
Mar.17,1952   Clericus Host To High School Visitors
Basketball Facts, Christian Life Emphasis Week, Senior Profiles
Mar.31,1952 Honor Students Recognized At H. C.
Junior Penny Supper, Senior Profiles, Alumni Jobs
Apr. 8, 1952   Choir Goes East Thursday
Alumni Jobs, Senior Profiles
May 12, 1952   Board of Education Meets
Senior Profiles
May 29, 1952   Finley Elected S. C. President
Spring Production, Ruth Becker Chosen Campus Queen, Commencement Activities, Senior Profiles, Photographic Review
Oct. 13,1952    
Oct. 27,1952    
Jan. 19,1953    
Feb. 9,1953     
Oct. 26, 1953   String Quartet Coming
New Faculty, Freshman Initiation, Hayride, Fall Play "The Peaceful Inn", Weddings, 'Y' Mixer
Nov. 9, 1953   Students to Choose Queen
Fall Play Info, 'Y' Banquet, Admin Tower Removed, Dilts Improves Labs, Work Day Opinions, Varsity Club Banquet
Nov. 23,1953   Businessmen Boost Library
Penny Supper, Who's Who, "Peaceful Inn" Review, Phyllis Martin Queen, Basketball
Dec. 7, 1953   Choir to Present "The Messiah"
Christmas Parties, 'Y' Banquet
Jan. 19, 1954   New Sport To Be Added
Cross-country Added, Clericus Plans Program, Men & Women's Basketball
Feb. 2, 1954   Washington Banquet Coming
Campus Players Plan Trip, Saufley & Smith Wed, Basketball
Feb. 15,1954   Stage Set For Banquet
Alumnus Dies, Guha Visits, Enrollment, Alumnus Receives Bronze Medal, Souders Named Public Relations Director, Basketball
Mar. 1, 1954   Spiritual Week To Begin
Loar/Buzzard Wedding, Engagements, Faculty News, Basketball
Mar. 15,1954   Foresters Win Ninth and Tenth
Spiritual Week, New Language Professor, Basketballs Final Games, Co-Curricular Activity, Keck/Shinabarger Wedding
Apr. 5, 1954 Sacred Concert Series Begins
Choir Tour, Honor Students, Engagements, Baseball
May 3, 1954 Campus Gets Facelifting on Clean-up Day
Junior Class Carnival, Jr./Sr. Reception, Iris Garden, Baseball
May 17, 1954   Students Elect Elser, Mull, Reed
"Y" Retreat, Jr./Sr. Reception, W.R.A. Outing, NCA Studies Ed. Dept., Baseball
May 31, 1954   President Announces Faculty Changes
Garden Day, Commencement, Elections, Retreats, Baseball
Oct. 4, 1954 Welcome Frosh!!
Hayride, Fall Reception, College Improvements, New Faculty, Basketball
Oct. 18, 1954   Penny Supper Coming
Student Council, Fall Production, C.L.E.W. Speaker, Skating Party, Work Day, International Students
Nov. 14,1954   H.C. Week Nov. 8-13
Homecoming Queen; Fall Production Rehearsal: College Bell Rope; Hayrack King & Queen; Basketball; Cheerleaders
Nov. 18,1954   Thanksgiving Banquet Here
Homecoming; Who's Who; Work Day; Club News; Pennsylvania Extension School
Nov. 30,1954   "Messiah" To Be Given
Christmas Party; Basketball
Dec. 13,1954   Christmas Program Planned
Messiah, Student Lounge; Club News; C. S. Mumma; Gospel Volunteers Deputation, Basketball
Jan. 17, 1955   Seminary Sponsors All-Day Program
Enrollment, Basketball
Feb. 14,1955   Washington Banquet Coming
Gospel Volunteer's Retreat, C.L.E. Week, Student Lounge, Foreign Students, Basketball
Feb. 28,1955   Spiritual Week Approaches
Mexican Musical, Sophomore Exams, Recognition Day, Washington Banquet, Basketball
Mar. 21,1955   Program Boosts Student Lounge
Student Honors, Junior Ham Supper, Secretaries Recognized
Apr. 5, 1955   Choir Will Make Annual Tour During Easter
Student Council Election, Summer School, Commencement Speaker, Baseball
May 9, 1955 Lounge is Dedicated
Junior-Senior Reception, "Y" Retreat, Harwood School, Club News, Baseball, Choir Tour
  May 31, 1955 Becker and Graham Assume Editors' Duties, September
Commencement, Investiture, Faculty Changes, Seniors Honored, Baseball
Sept.23,1955   Will Freshman Bow To Sophomores?
Freshman Initiation, Dr. John H. Ockert, Edelweisspireten, Student-Faculty Reception, Foreign Students, Basketball Team
Oct. 7, 1955 Plans Are Laid For H. C. Week
Hay Ride, Skating Party, Student Council
Oct. 21,1955    Workday Set For Nov. 1
Fall Play ("Icebound"), Masked Party, Penny Supper
Nov. 4, 1955 Mull, Farris, Hammel Win Who's Who Vote
Fall Play Preparations, Homecoming Queen Candidates, Penny Supper, Board of Trustees Meeting, Student Lounge, Basketball (vs. Alumni)
Nov. 18, 1955   "Y's" Will Give Banquet Tonight
Homecoming, Thanksgiving Banquet, "Icebound" Review, Basketball
Dec. 9, 1955   Musical; Party On Schedule
Christmas Party, Nativity Festival, Faculty News, Jones-Foushee Marriage, Basketball (vs. Manchester, Franklin, Cedarville, Rio Grande, Concordia)
Jan. 20, 1956   Concert, Banquet, February Events
Faculty News, Ruth Becker Weber Concert, Choir Easter Program, NCA Visit, Washington Banquet, Registration, TWIRP, Basketball (vs. Vincennes, Bluffton, Concordia)
Feb. 10, 1956   Annual Event Will Honor 'George'
Washington Banquet, Recognition Day, Livingston Elections, Juniors Ham Supper, Enrollment, Basketball (vs. Indiana Tech), Faculty News
Feb. 24, 1956   Dr. Witmer Here for March Services
Recognition Day, CLEW Services, Gospel Volunteers Retreat, Fine Arts Coffee House, NCA Visit, Washington Banquet, Basketball (vs. Oakland City, Bluffton, Rio Grande)
Mar. 16, 1956   Choir Plans Retreat, April Tour Will Present Concerts In Six States
Choir Tour, Senior Play, HC Foundation, CLEW, Flag Football Tourney, Cheerleaders, Varsity Club Tourney
Apr. 20, 1956   Sophs, Seniors Plan Events
Sophomore Box Social, NCA, Choir Tour, Senior Play, Botanical Garden Restoration, Faculty Vacations, WRA, Baseball (vs. Merchants)
May 4, 1956   Banquet Will Honor Seniors
WRA Outing, Jr.-Sr. Reception, R. Baker Student Pres., Senior Plays, Becker-Rethlake Wedding, Baseball (vs. Indiana Tech)
May 18, 1956 Burkholder, Anderson to Head '56-'57 Huntingtonian
Huntingtonian Staff, Musgrave Leaving, Music Dept. Recital, Club Elections, Seniors Skip, Jr.-Sr. Reception, Senior Plans
June 4, 1956 Humbert, Stilson To Speak
Graduation, Alumni Banquet, Award Day, Student Teacher Theories, Lange Becomes Dean, B. Mull Campus Queen, Baseball Roundup
Sept.21,1956 Enrollment over 250
Student/Faculty Reception, 1st Faculty Retreat; Garden Day, "Y" Mixer
Oct. 5, 1956   H. C. Week Oct. 14-21
Married Banquet, Freshman Initiation
Oct. 19, 1956   Work Day Set For Nov. 1
Fall Production, Hayride, Penny Supper, Style Show Planned, Sports Scene
Nov. 2, 1956 Who's Who
WRA Skating Party, New HC Spirit, FTA Style Show, Basketball Schedule
Nov. 16, 1956   Welcome Alumni
Homecoming, Fall Production, Thanksgiving Banquet, Cheerleaders, Basketball Roster
Dec. 14, 1956   Christmas Party Saturday
Messiah, Thanksgiving Banquet, Victory Fund Drive, Chiu Publishes Book, Basketball Scores
Jan. 22, 1957 Victory Fund Will Go Over Goal
Sports Night, NCA Visit, Basketball Scores
Feb. 8, 1957   Washington Banquet
Campus Players, Students Visit Washington, Honors Recognition, Skating Party, CLE Week, Basketball Scores
Feb. 22, 1957 U. S. Official Speaks Tonight
Washington Banquet, Senior Profiles, Basketball Scores
Mar. 8, 1957   Willard To Speak For C.L.E.W.
Varsity Club Basketball Tourney, Fine Arts Banquet, Senior Profiles, Honors Recognition, Basketball Scores
Mar. 22, 1957   Affairs Club Organized
"Y's" Spring Conference, Senior Profiles, Class Tourney, Zimmer to Coach Baseball
Apr. 5, 1957   Choir Tour Announced
Summer School, Art Classes to Chicago, Sophomore Candy Sale, Senior Profiles, Baseball
May 3, 1957   New Student Union President
Public Affairs Speaker, Choir Tour, FTA Banquet, WRA Retreat, Senior Class Play, Senior Profiles, Baseball Results
May 17, 1957   Jr.-Sr. Reception Occurs Tonight
Public Affairs Speaker, "Y" Retreat, Commencement Speaker, Altrusa Honors Senior Girls, Elections, Senior Profiles, Baseball Results
June 3, 1957   Publication's Staff Announced for Next Year
Commencement Week Activities, Building Plans, Lawn Party, "Y" Tea, Senior Profiles, Garden Day, Public Affairs Series, Senior Skip Day, Baseball Results
Sept.27,1957   Tug Of War Main Event
Student/Faculty Reception, Freshman Initiation, Dallas Weekley
Oct. 11, 1957 Junior Sponsor Hay Ride
Campaign For Huntington College, S.E.A. Style Show, H. C. Week, Public Affairs Series, Building Projects, Enrollment, Basketball
Oct. 25, 1957   Workday Scheduled for Oct. 31
Penny Supper, Baseball Diamond Workday, Fall Production Cast, S. E. A. Style Show, Sport Schedule, Denomination Enrollment Distribution
Nov. 8, 1957 Five Seniors Represent HC In Who's Who
Homecoming, Fall Production, Workday, Basketball Player Profiles, Queen Candidates, WRA Basketball Team
Nov. 22,1957   Y Members Host Guests to Banquet
Homecoming Wrap-up, Thanksgiving Banquet, Civic Series, Fall Production, Basketball Results
Dec. 13,1957   Smith To Direct Messiah
All-School Party, Big-Little Sister Party, Carol Steele to Attend ISEA Conference, Basketball Results
Jan. 17, 1958 Ham Supper Tonight 5:30-7:30
Civic Music, V. F. Schwalm to Teach at HC, Foreign Students, Basketball Results
Feb. 7, 1958 Library To Be In Operation By September
Students to Attend Washington Student Seminar, Student Housing Planned, HC Foundation Fund Raising, Basketball Results
Feb. 21,1958   Annual Event Will Honor "George"
Washington Banquet, CLEW Services, Basketball Results
Mar. 14,1958   Plans For Completion Announced
Wright Hall Completion, S. E. A. Spring Workship, Choir Tour, Shipley Tours Colleges for Ideas on New Science Hall, Seminary Students Visit UB Churches, Basketball Results
Mar. 28,1958   Staffs Announced For '58-59,
Snyder, Goodwin Head Paper; Thrasher, Palmer, Year Book, Choir Tour Wrap-up, Minstrel Show, Harwood School
Apr. 24, 1958   Candidates Announced For Presidency
Clean-Up Day, Baseball Results, Paine on Sabbatical, Buzzard to Assume Duties
May 9, 1958 Wolfe Elected Student Union President
Junior/Senior Reception, Board Approves Building Program, S. E. A. Banquet. Pollard Appointed As School Nurse, WRA Holds Outing, Don Kline Throws No Hitter Against Goshen, Baseball Results
May 23, 1958   Commencement Plans Announced
Carlson to Speak At Baccalaureate, Athletic Banquet, Junior-Senior Reception, Baseball Results
Oct. 7, 1958   Welcome Class of 1962
Huntington College Week, Speakers for Seminary Day, Roxy Lefforge in Who's Who, Junior Hayride, New Faculty, Big-Little Sis Party, Flag Football, Student-Faculty Reception
Oct. 21, 1958   No School Oct. 30, All Work
Junior Penny Supper, North Central Visit, Renovation of Davis Hall is Workday Project, Clericus Luncheon, HC Week, Fall Production Cast, Board of Trustees Meeting, Forest Glen Presented to HC, Basketball Schedule, Flag Football
Nov. 4, 1958 Who's Who Selected for 1958-59
Seminary Day, Junior Penny Supper, New College Band, '58 Graduates Employment, Church Named for Dr. Lefforge
Nov. 18,1958   Foresters Will Open Season Tonight
Sophomores Plan Skating Party, Queen Candidates For Homecoming, Students Give Music Recital, Freshman Writings Class Interviews City Populace, Roush Elected to Congress, Mary Alice Chupp Elected Queen, Junior Varsity Squad
Dec, 9, 1958   Messiah To Be Presented Dec. 14
Loew-Alumni Library Completed, YWCA Christmas Party, Basketball Results
Jan. 13, 1959   North Central To Visit H. C.
Christmas Party, Student Compositions, Faculty News, Basketball Results, Dear Dilly
Feb. 3, 1959 H. C. To Appear in Film
Library News, Back in School, Basketball Results
Feb. 17,1959   Washington Banquet Saturday
Christian Life Emphasis Week, Basketball Results
Mar. 3, 1959   Junior Ham Supper Mar. 7
Kline and Crumpacker To Head Publications, One Act Play, Prof. Lang Compiles Storybook, Basketball Results
April 21,1959   Student Union Election Friday
Profiles of Presidential Candidates, Clean-up Day, Wright Hall Construction Begins, Forest Glen Dedicated, Baseball Results
May 5, 1959   Seilhamer Is Student Union Pres.
Accreditation Deferred, Jr.-Sr. Reception, Clean-up Day, Alumni Teaching at Area Schools, New Faculty Members, Enrollment Increase, Baseball Results
May 26, 1959   46 To Graduate From H.C.
Hollis To Sculpt Bust Of Governor, Poling To Speak At Commencement, Colclesser to Get Honorary Degree, '59 Class Will and Prophesy, Garden Day, Spring Recital, Baseball Results
Oct. 20, 1959   Welcome Class of "63"
Enrollment Increase Noted This Year, Dr. Becker Aids College During Summer Rest, Congressman Roush Featured in Current Events Class, Wiley Named "B" Team Coach, Huntington College Has Tennis Team
Nov. 4, 1959   Features Dominate H. C. Campus
Meet Me At The Snack Bar, Rosella Corll's Chapel Program, Staff and Faculty News, 1st Library Coffee Hour, Seminary Day, Penny Supper, Hayride, Junior Varsity Team, Basketball Team
Nov. 24,1959   Who's Who Selected
Weekley's Concert Schedule, Deputation Teams Chosen, Journalism Class Tours Herald Press, Staff and Faculty News, Mary Wolfe Elected Queen
Dec. 8, 1959   Taylor Tops Foresters
Zurcher Speaks to YWCA, Basketball Results, Library Auction, Campus Organizations News
Dec. 18,1959   College Students Participate In Presentation of 'Messiah'
Bobby Morrow - Olympic Champion - Speaks, Library News, Harpist Chapel Program, Basketball Results
Feb. 1, 1960 H. C. Represented in Who's Who in Education
In Praise of College Custodians, HC Offers TV Course, Gospel Volunteers Plan Summer Retreat, Summer Work, Don Kline Wins Essay Award, Basketball Results, Pep Band
Feb. 19,1960   Washington Banquet Slated For Tomorrow Evening
Dawn Mooney Receives Poetry Award, Basketball Results
Mar. 4, 1960   C.L.E.W. Offers Challenge to Students
Washington Banquet, Scholastic Honors Recognition, Economics and Business Administration Department Added, Coleson Returns to HC, Basketball Results
Apr. 1, 1960   H.C. Choir Prepares Easter Program
Chapel Features Finnish Exchange Student, Zimmerman Coaches Baseball, Hosler and Merryman Selected Allstars, Intramural Sports Results
Apr. 8, 1960 H.C. Choir Tours Tri-States
Lawrence Meriwether Sings, Band Presents Program, S.E.A. Elections, Students See Hamlet, Sophomore Testing, Wrestling Team Wins State Meet, Tennis Becomes Sport
May 9, 1960   H. C. Publications Staffs Chosen
Roger Funk Places High In Oratorical Contest, Crooks and Cox Tie In Personal Library Contest, Dr. Chiu Becomes American Citizen, Baseball Results
Oct. 10, 1960
Freshmen Welcomed To Huntington College
Family Registrar Says Enrollment Jumps Again, Huntington College Hosts Purdue Glee Club, Students To Vote On Work Project, Myers & Luther Reign As Hayride King and Queen
Oct. 24, 1960 Publications Offices To Be Moved to Livingston Hall
Fall Production Cast Announced, Deputation Teams Selected, Seminary Day
Nov. 7, 1960 Five Seniors Honored in Who's Who
Homecoming Weekend Activities, Davis Hall Curtains are Work Day Project
Nov. 21, 1960 Homecoming Queen - Gerldine "Gerry" Wingert
Homecoming activities, Intramural Results
Dec. 12, 1960 President Honored by Exchange Club
The "Messiah" Presented, Cafeteria Service, Santa Spreads Season's Greetings, Thanksgiving Tournament, Basketball Results
Jan. 23, 1961 Students See Saint Joan at Manchester College
Prof. Crown presides at Coffee Hour, Dr. Henderson Speaks in Washington, D.C., Robert Hale Joins Staff, Foresterettes Profiled, Basketball Results
Feb. 21, 1961 Skating, Basketball and Pizza Keep H.C. Twirps Occupied
Washington Banquet Speaker, Clyde Meadows to Speak at C.L.E. Week, YWCA Fashion Show, Dean's List, Basketball Results
Mar. 7, 1961 Annual Washington Banquet Defies Worst Snow Storm
Honors Recognition, Elm Tree Receives Axe, Roxy Lefforge Busily Engaged, 16-7 Record Ends Woodsmen's Season
Mar. 28, 1961 Student Union Primary April 14
Presidential Candidates, C.L.E.W. Activities, Roger Buzzard Profiled, College Choir Tour, College to Break Ground for News Science Hall
Apr. 25, 1961 Funk Is Chosen Council President
North Central Association to Re-examine College, Spring Tour Described, Dick Scoville Profiled, Spring Sports
May 23, 1961 Graduation Activities to End With Commencement June 5
Jr.-Sr. Reception, Mnemosyne Heads Chosen, Summer Jobs, Summer Activities of Professors, Clean-Up Day, Baseball Results
Oct. 6, 1961 Gale Wiseman and Mary Wolfe Crowned King and Queen of Hayride
Oct. 20, 1061 Present-Future Plans for H.C. Campus
Nov. 3, 1961 7 H. C. Seniors Selected For 1961-62 College Who's Who
Nov. 17, 1961 Homecoming Queen Candidates - 1961
Dec. 16, 1961 Convocation Committee Unveils Plans For Future Programs
Jan. 19, 1962 6,000 Mile Western Tour Planned By Members Of Chapel Choir
Feb. 9, 1962 Registration Blues
Feb. 23, 1962 College Recognizes Honor Students
Mar. 9, 1962 Christian Life Emphasis Week Presents Challenge To H.C. Campus
Mar. 30. 1962 Three Vie For Council Presidency
Apr. 13, 1962 Thompson Elected Student Union President
May 4, 1962 BSM And SAC To Sponsor Derby Day
May 25, 1962 Congratulations Class of 1962
Nov. 16, 1962 HC's Queen Candidates for 1962
Dec. 7, 1962 7 H. C. Students Recognized in College Who's Who
Dec. 18, 1962   Christmas Issue
Jan. 17, 1963 President Announces Master Plan for College
Feb. 15, 1963 Washington Banquet; C. L. E. Week Plans
Mar. 1, 1963 Sophomores Complete Gift to School; Foundation to Launch Fund Raising Drive: Honor Students Recognized
Apri. 1, 1963 April Fools Issue
Apr. 26, 1963 Weekleys to Play at Carnagie Hall
May 10, 1963 All We Need Is $6,240,000: "Plan of Growth" Dinner Launches Drive; Gerald Smith Elected Student Council President
May 24, 1963 Candace Rooney Elected Garden Day Queen: Charles Malik to Address Students: Seniors Donate Lawn Fountain
Sept. 27, 1963 Freshman Initiation; New Faculty Members; Fountain Nears Completion, Tennis
Oct. 11, 1963   Dedication Set for Oct. 19: Hall of Science Becomes a Reality
Oct. 25, 1963 Fountain Complete; Tennis; Roush Presents Flag
Nov. 8, 1963 Who's Who; Homecoming Activities Planned, Basketball Team Announced
Nov. 22, 1963 Homecoming Parade; Pat Morrison Crowned Queen; Fall Production; College Park Church Addition Dedication; Basketball
Dec. 13, 1963 'Man Called Peter' in Pennsylvania; Science Hall Needs Equipment; Foresters Win Taylor Tourney
Jan. 17, 1964 Exams; Huntington Defeats Goshen; J. L. Brenn Honored; Basketball
Feb. 14, 1964 Upper Wabash Study Group; Sadie Hawkins Day; Basketball
Feb. 28, 1964 Washington Banquet; H. W. Ranes Resigns; Gil Dodds New Registrar; Basketball
Mar. 20, 1964 Choir Spring Program; Ware Replaces Weekley; Gulf Oil Grant; Christian Life Emphasis Week; Basketball, Baseball
Apr. 27, 1964 Reahm Elected President; Editors Announced; Student Union Building Plans; Circle K Formed
May 8, 1964 New Girls Dorm in '65; Faculty Additions; LeMaster Retires; Hardy Donates Girls Dorm; Golf, Baseball, Track results
May 22, 1964 Weekleys Play Vienna, Garden Day; Dorm and Science Hall Named; Golf; Baseball; Track
Oct. 30, 1964   "Election Of A President" Keynotes Today's Assembly
Nov. 20,1964   Which One Will Reign?
Apr. 8, 1965   Bon Voyage, Choir!
Oct. 15, 1965   College to Inaugurate Dr. Baker As President
Jan. 21, 1966 H. C. Dropout Level Below Average
Mar. 11, 1966   Meetings Continue On Campus Center
Oct. 28, 1966 'Crossroads of Creation' Presented
Nov. 18,1966 Who Will Be 1966 Homecoming Queen?
Oct. 30, 1967 Dean Receives Appointment
Apr. 29, 1968 Three Seek Presidency Of Student Senate
Oct. 28, 1968 Schools Host Student Teachers
Dec. 9, 1968 Taylor Wins Tourney
Dec. 20,1968 Here's What It Will Cost You
Mar. 10,1969 And They Met Spiro Agnew
Mar 26, 1969 Five push petition against HC bookstore
Nov. 10,1969 Chemistry Department receives new equipment
 Oct. 1, 1976 Freshman Initiation; New Dean; Life in Huntington; Cross country; Tennis; Soccer
Oct. 15, 1976 To Dance or Not To Dance; Record Enrollment; First Love On Tour; Tennis; Voleyball
Nov. 5, 1976 Queen Becky Larr; Who's Who; Dodgeball A'la HC
Nov. 19, 1976 Joys of Grunthood; Homecoming photos; Tennis
Nov. 24, 1976 Prayer; Thanksliving
Dec. 10, 1976 Huntdumping, Hall Film Artist Lecture; 
Dec. 22, 1976 Christmas Issue; Some Coaching Problems
Feb. 18, 1977 The Two-Headed Monster; So Send I You; Spahr Criticism Blasted; National Presidential Election; Walk-A-Thon; Senate Officers: glen Hummer Honored
Mar. 2, 1977 Pancake Eating Contest; A Positive View of H.C.; H.C. Revelations; Inter-Varsity; Athletic news
Mar. 17, 1977 Jimmy DiRaddo and CLE Week; Senate Dinner Defeated; H.C. Revelations; Drama Tour; Don Evans; H.C. Composers; Interview with Dean Fischel; Baseball; Betty Sprunger; Osborn is New Wrestling Coach
Apr. 14, 1977 Livingston Follies; New Music Building; "Carnival" is Spring Musical; Concert Choir Tour; Deputation Teams; Baseball
Apr. 29, 1977 "Carnival" Musical; Priddy Complete Quail Study; Tim Atkins; Morgan Heart-beat Research; H.C. Revelations; Virgil Fry; Walkathon; Philpits Phollies; Baseball
May 18, 1977 History of the Huntingtonian; Senior Profiles; 
Sep. 11, 1987 Student Senate Update
Sep. 24, 1987 ISSUE 1: Heaven vs. Hell; Photo essay of Old and New Wright Hall
Sep. 24, 1987 ISSUE 2: The Ad Building; The Guys in the Green House; Queen's Coronation
Oct. 30, 1987 Homecoming; Alcohol Awareness Week
Nov. 5, 1987 World Food Day; What Does HC Do With Their Alumni After Graduation?
Nov. 19, 1987 Draining of Lake Snow-Tip; Service of Praise and Thanksgiving; HC Cheerleaders
Dec. 10, 1987 Greg Hoover Leaving HC; 
Feb. 15, 1988 Nicaragua; Report on Board of Trustees Winter Meeting
Mar. 4, 1988 HC Air Band a Success; Interview With Pres. Habecker
Mar. 21, 1988 Forester Apartments Construction; Dancing Issue
Apr. 1, 1988? April Fools Issue
Apr. 18, 1988 Junior-Senior Fundraiser; New Rules for H. C. Campus
May 1, 1988 Year's End Issue; West Side Story; Sierra Leone: Student Senate Report