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Division & Discord

Many groups throughout the years either were spawned by the United Brethren movement or separated themselves from the brethren. Listed below are links and documents to some of those groups.

Republican United Brethren   

Little is known about this splinter group of United Brethren. Organized in 1853 they eventually merged into the Christian Union denomination around 1864.This section contains a copy of their Constitution and Discipline as some of the history of the group.

Doctrine & Theology

The Confession of Faith contains the main doctrinal stands of the United Brethren. Mainly because of the way that the United Brethren were formed they have tried to keep themselves free of other doctrinal positions. This does not preclude the fact that the brethren have often dealt with controversial issues. Some of the debated issues are included here with the documentation resulting from the research and discussion over the issues.

  The Holy Spirit