Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

roush hall

Roush Hall, Huntington University, a Christian college 

 Roush Hall floor plan, Huntington University 

The most uniquely designed of all the HU residence halls, Roush is a combination of community and suite styling. Four students share a common bathroom located between the sharing rooms. However, the community feel is still present as the rooms are positioned on the perimeter of a common lounge area that also has a kitchen and laundry area. Roush Hall is comprised of all women. The hall is named in honor of U.S. Congressman Edward Roush, father of the 911 call center. 


Hall details:

Gender: Female
Bathroom Style: Suite
Floor Layout: Suite
Residents/Hall: 66
Residents/Room: 2
Residents/Suite: 4
Desk: 3’ x 2’ x 58”
Under bed space: 11.5”
Under bed space:11.5”
Mattress: 8” thick extra long twin
Air conditioning: Yes
Carpet: Yes
Cleaning products: Need to bring your own
Mirrors: Mirror for bathroom/provided
Shower Curtain: provided or bring own
Fridge: 1 fridge in kitchen on each floor
Vacuum: Available on floor

Items to bring:
Wastebasket, linens, light, shelves for over desk, shower caddy, TV, DVD, hangers, towels, cleaning supplies, bulletin board, mini fridge, coffee pot and candle warmer.

Items not to bring:
Microwave and Toaster