Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

Jesse Brown

Associate Dean of Student Development
Director of the Horizon Leadership Program
Huntington University and Youth for Christ

Jesse Brown has been at Huntington University since the fall of 1999. After graduating from Valley Forge Christian College with a bachelor’s degree in Bible and from Eastern College with a master’s degree in counseling, Jesse and his wife moved from Akron, Ohio, to Huntington and he began working at the University as the resident director of Meadows and Miller Halls and Coordinator of Student Activities.

After serving in this role for four years, he became the associate dean of student development which means that he oversees all of the residence halls.  Beginning in the fall 2012 semester, he became the Director of the Horizon Leadership Program which is a minority scholarship program in collaboration with Youth for Christ, USA.

Before becoming the Director of the Horizon Leadership Program, Jesse served as the Chair of the Diversity Task Force. He has also taken several January term trips visiting historic Civil Rights sites in the southern states and developed a spring semester course, “Conversations About Race” with the help of Dr. Kevin Miller and Rev. Keith Reynolds. Jesse also serves on the local Harmony Initiative Board which provides leadership to the local community regarding harmony and diversity efforts.

He is the father of four children who absolutely love to eat in the dining hall and spend time with the college students.

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