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frequently asked questions (faq)

Disclaimer: Please be advised that this guide is for general information and is never to be used as a substitute for Federal Immigration Rules and Regulations. Huntington University disclaims any and all liability from reliance upon this general information.

What is a SEVIS I-20 Form and why do you need one? Pre-Requisties for SEVIS I-20 Form issuance at Huntington University
Changes on your SEVIS I-20 Form

Financial resources  

Tuition and fees

Visa issuance – The U.S. State Department

Arriving to the United States  

US-Visit Program  

Bringing family members to the United States

National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS)  

  • F-1 Visa vs. F-1 Status
  • Maintaining F-1 Status
  • Traveling as an F-1 Student

Employment under the F-1 Category A. On Campus Employment
B. Economic Hardship Employment Authorization
C. Curricular Practical Training
D. Optional Practical Training

Course Restrictions 

  • On-line courses
  • Reduced course load due to Academic difficulties
  • Medical conditions

Social Security Card

Change of Address

Health Insurance

How long can you stay in the United States?  

I-765 Form and Instructions (Application for Employment Authorization)

More Information

Visit the FAQ page for information concerning international issues. If you are unable to find a resource you need, please contact Margaret Pasko by email or by calling (260) 359-4026.

New students

If you are interested in enrolling at Huntington University, visit our International Student Admissions PageClick here for information about our International Student Orientation.

Click here to see the people who are here to help you!

Government Immigration Guide For Foreign Students or 

Student Activities

International Student Council is a student organization. The International Student Council of Huntington University seeks to understand, support, and satisfy the needs of international students, as well as coordinate quality recreational and educational activities in an effort to promote community involvement and harmony among international students and the student body at large.
Mu Kappa is a ministry whose primary purpose is to reach out to the missionary kids on campus and help integrate them into the campus community life.

International Student Manual (powerpoint) 

ITIN tax identification number  


International Student Admissions 

Question about CPT or OPT 

Social Security  

Health Record Information 

Transportation Information 

Important Forms