Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

CLEP & DSST information

CLEP and DSST examination programs provide opportunities for Huntington University students to earn HU credit by passing standardized exams.  Both CLEP and DSST exams are now administered in the internet based format.

To register for CLEP tests students must follow these steps:

  • Go to this website:  If you already have an account with CLEP, sign-in.  If not, set up an account and begin the process. CLEP requires you to pay the $80 testing fee on the website with a credit card.
  • After the process is complete (you have registered and paid for a test), the CLEP Exam Registration Ticket can be printed off.  Bring that with you to the Learning Center on the day of testing, along with two (2) picture identification cards.
  • Your final step is to contact the Learning Center, 260-359-4290/4079, by email (, or in person, to schedule an appointment (date and time) to take the CLEP exam.

DSST exam registration process

Students may register to take a DSST exam and schedule the testing appointment several ways.

Please be aware that the DSST scoring fee must be paid online by credit card (to DSST) on the day of the exam.


CLEP and DSST testing hours are 8 am to 5 pm weekdays.  Testing will not be scheduled during periods of extreme Learning Center activity, such as the first week of a semester, or during mid-term or finals weeks.

CLEP and DSST Administration Fee

The administration fee for each CLEP or DSST exam is $20. It can be paid to HU by cash, check or money order (made payable to Huntington University) or credit card. VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, debit or bank cards are accepted. HU waives the service fee for active duty military personnel and veterans with proof of service.

Students who prefer to pay from their student account or who require receipts are asked to make this clear at the time of registration.


Individuals wishing to take CLEP exams are advised to review the CLEP Official Study Guide. Although the Study Guide may be purchased for $24.99 from CLEP, it is also available to Huntington students on reserve in HU's RichLyn Library. Sample test questions and other information in the Study Guide make it a valuable resource.

CLEP study guides for individual exams can also be downloaded for $10 each from the CLEP website, CLEP has placed a number of other free, helpful resources on this website.

Brief DSST Fact Sheets may be obtained at, and two copies of the Test Preparation Guide are on 4-hour reserve in the RichLyn Library.  This resource includes study material for the Business Math, Ethics in America, Financial Accounting, Human Resource Management, Introduction to Business, Organizational Behavior, Personal Finance, and Principles of Supervision exams.  Some dated DSST study aids are also housed in the Library

On testing day

The location for CLEP and DSST testing is the Learning Center, suite 102, Loew-Brenn Hall. Food or drinks (with the exception of bottled water) are not to be consumed during testing.

It is important that examinees arrive on time for testing; please call or email if you will be late. Contact the Learning Center at least 24 hours in advance if you must reschedule.

Non-graphing calculators may be used for some DSST exams (Fundamentals of College Algebra, Principles of Statistics, Principles of Finance, Principles of Financial Accounting, Introduction to Computing, and Business Mathematics). Calculators are formatted into selected CLEP exams.  

CLEP testers please note: CLEP does not permit use of pens or mechanical pencils in the testing room. They also prohibit a tester from wearing any shirt or jacket with a hood while testing.

One of the benefits of the CLEP and DSST internet-based testing format is that the score is available as soon as a student completes an exam.  Be advised that Huntington accepts the ACE-recommended score as the "passing" level for most, but not all, CLEP and DSST exams. HU CLEP cut-off scores are printed in Appendix 1; see Appendix 2 for DSST cut-off scores.

Individuals with disabling conditions which cause testing accommodations to be necessary must make arrangements with the Learning Center director prior to taking an exam.

* Students passing the College Composition Modular or Analyzing and Interpreting Literature exams must also pass the accompanying 90-minute essay to earn HU credit for EN121 or EN151. There is an additional CLEP charge of $10 for these essays.

FRESHMEN may take College Composition Modular only in June, but upperclassmen and Professional Program students may also take it in March, September, or December.

Students may register to take Analyzing and Interpreting Literature in January, April, July and October.

CLEP or DSST questions may be directed to Kris Chafin, Director of Learning Assistance, at (260) 359-4290, on campus at extension 4290, or by email at  Professional Program students with questions regarding program concerns or graduation requirements should contact the Professional Program or Registrar's office.