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It Started with Dad

Makin makes a positive impact on the counseling field
Joel Makin

"Joel Makin found his inspiration to be a counselor by attending a conference with his dad in college."

Joel Makin found his inspiration to be a counselor by attending a conference with his dad in college. He discovered that counseling can be more than just a job. It can be fun too.

“I knew I wanted to do counseling when I was a freshman or sophomore,” he said. “I really enjoyed the impact I could have on (my clients) — a positive impact.

Joel graduated from Huntington University in 2009 with his undergraduate degree in psychology. He then went on to obtain his master’s degree in counseling through Huntington’s graduate school in 2011.

“The psychology program here is the best in the state as far as teaching the relational aspect of psychology,” Joel said. “Dr. (Jerry) Davis is the best at what he does. He knows literally something about everything.”

Through his classes, Joel learned to take his own life experiences and apply those to his counseling sessions. It was as much being able to counsel a married couple because he was also married to going through counseling himself to know how it feels.

“You can only take someone as far as you have gone yourself,” he said.

And because of that deep-seeded training, Joel was able to secure a position with Cornerstone Vision Counseling and Psychological Services in Fort Wayne, Ind., and Warsaw Community Care in Warsaw, Ind., before he had even graduated with his master’s degree. Right now, he’s working to market himself to build a larger client base. With experience, Joel plans to obtain his licensure as a mental health counselor (LMHC).

“It’s really being your own entity and your own small business. You have to market yourself.
“It’s going to be a pretty tough few months,” Joel added, knowing it would all be worth it in the end.

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