Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

personal statement sample #2 

My entire college career changed the day after my team lost to in-state rival Marian College, (Indianapolis, IN) in the final game of the Mid-Central Conference Tournament to advance to the National Basketball Tournament in March. The loss was devastating and I put much of the blame on myself. As the starting point guard, I was the leader of the team, even though I was only a sophomore. Different reasons for why I didn’t lead my team to a victory came into my mind. Perhaps I was not quick enough, or maybe I was not strong enough. On the two-hour bus trip home, I decided that I would dedicate myself to achieving my maximum potential with my talents and God-given abilities.

The next day I set up a meeting with my coach to discuss the following year. I asked only one question: what do I need to do to become a better individual player and contribute more to the team? He said that I needed to get quicker, stronger, and better at ball handling. That same day I started running to lose weight; in order to get quicker I needed to shed some pounds. In the remainder of the school year, I established a rigorous weight lifting and conditioning program to improve my overall performance mentally and physically. Within a short period, I lost 40 pounds and increased my strength tremendously. My body fat percentage went from 20% to 4% within that same period.

As the summer went by, my overall conditioning level continued to increase. After accepting an offer to become an assistant director of the strength and conditioning program at the high school I attended, I continued the same fitness routine throughout the summer. I was also able to use some of my experiences as a motivator for the students, hoping that they would achieve their maximum potential too. One student shared two goals: to play college volleyball and run a 7:00 minute mile. After working with this student on a day-to-day basis with strength, conditioning, and motivation, her times continued to decrease. She was getting faster and stronger, as well as becoming very mentally tough. By the middle of July, she finished third among the girls with a time of approximately eight minutes, down from a 10:00 time one month earlier. She was becoming very dedicated and competitive. On the last day, she finished first for the girls with a time of 6:53. I do not take credit for her success, but my ability to motivate played a role in helping her to realize her own potential. Currently, she is a starter for an NCAA Division I women’s volleyball team.

When school resumed, many people were happily surprised to see the strides that I had made from the previous year. Not only would people around school ask me how to go about certain routines to lose weight and get stronger, but also every member of my team changed their own fitness programs to match mine.

With our same team that finished 16-18 the previous year, we finished with the second best record in school history (26-11) and advanced to the Sweet 16 at the National Tournament for the 2001-2002 season. I was particularly gratified when we defeated our in-state rival, and the school that put me on this path, Marian College. I also received All-Conference and All-American honors for my junior season, after averaging 15 points per game, six assists per game, and two steals per game. I believe that my leadership and ability to motivate the team helped to make the difference.

When I share my goals with people, they sometimes laugh because they do not think they are attainable. In my mind, every goal that I set for myself is very attainable or I wouldn not set it as a goal. Granted, some goals may be very difficult to achieve, (losing 40 pounds, Sweet 16, nations top free throw shooter) but I will always find a way to reach them. For example, my junior year I shot 88% from the free throw line and was 10th best in the nation. The following year I had a goal that I wanted to be the nation’s leading free throw shooter. I worked every day in the summer on free throws and currently, I have made 110 out of 117 this season and lead the nation at approximately 95%, with the closest competitor being at 90%.

During my four years at Huntington College, I experienced success both on and off the basketball floor. While juggling basketball and academics on a day-to-day basis, along with numerous other campus activities, I maintained an overall ___ GPA and a ____ GPA during my Junior and Senior years. I believe that if I were not involved in so many other activities, as my other application materials indicate, my GPA would have been considerably higher. However, by having success in all areas, I became more well-rounded as an individual.

Two of my current goals are to be admitted to law school and graduate with honors. I have a passion to learn, especially about law. I believe that law is a never-ending learning process and that no one can ever completely master the field. However, I do have a passion to learn about law and I am dedicated to learn as much about law as possible. Not that I am any different from the next person, but I feel that my desire to succeed and accomplish my goals is unmatched. Although I have not decided what area of law I would like to go into, I believe that my aspiration and ability to motivate and serve others will create a wonderful opportunity for me in any area I choose. This persistence and desire to achieve will enable me to succeed in law school and in the legal profession.