Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

personal statement sample #1

Motivation and self-discipline are the foundations upon which I have built my academic success in unique educational contexts. I have pursued both my high school and college degrees under circumstances which would be impossible for less motivated and disciplined students. My unusual educational background and the qualities I possess which made these accomplishments possible have the potential to make me a highly successful contributor to the diversity of ideas and experiences at [blank] Law School.

I was home schooled during high school and used a rigorous correspondence curriculum. At the beginning of each school year I received my books and assignments in the mail and was responsible for setting up and following a schedule which would allow me to finish the required work by the end of the school year. This was an amount of responsibility which few high school students have the ability to undertake successfully. However, I was able to succeed because I was highly motivated to accomplish my task. This allowed me to accomplish the challenging chore of learning the self-discipline necessary to fit school work into my schedule in-between sports events, drama rehearsals, music lessons, and many other activities. The motivation and self-discipline which my home schooling experience helped me develop as well as my above average intellectual ability--as evidenced by my being named a National Merit Finalist--prepared me for even greater achievement in college.

The extraordinary aspect of my college experience is the fact that it is going to take me a total of only two and a half years to earn my bachelor of arts degree. Not only am I completing college in a very short amount of time, throughout that time I have worked part-time during the school year and maintained a 4.0 GPA. It is obvious that without significant motivation and self-discipline this endeavor would have been impossible. I spend Christmas breaks, spring breaks, and summers poring over text books studying for CLEP exams, writing papers, and studying for summer classes. This is in addition to the many hours every week of every semester which are necessary to maintain my GPA and make the most out of my college education. Completing that education in such a short time has required a huge amount of work, but it has provided me with the unique experience of truly intensive academic work which requires extraordinary abilities to conclude successfully.

My unusual background has allowed me to develop and implement the very important traits of motivation and self-discipline. The further cultivation of these will play a large role in my success throughout life, not least of all in law school. I am motivated to dedicate myself to continued excellence in my academic pursuits. I wish to get the best education possible so that I can be an effective lawyer who not only has a successful career, but also makes the world a better place to live. It is my desire to one day serve in a judicial capacity, using my talents to make our justice system even better than it is now. Hopefully, my commitment to motivation and self-discipline, combined with a law degree from [blank] Law School, will enable me to accomplish this dream.