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Internship steers Edinger toward prosecution
Steve Edinger describes advantages of history & political-science degree program at Huntington University, a Christian college.

“It was easy to build relationships with those around me. I also loved the small college atmosphere and small class sizes. HU is committed to being a Christian college.”

Early on, Steve Edinger discovered a passion for law. Even his classmates saw his potential to persuade and serve people, so much so that they wrote in his name on the student senate ballot to serve as their student body vice president two years in a row.

With his undergraduate journey behind him, Steve plans to move to Indianapolis to pursue his law degree. He began pursuing the degree in the fall of 2011 at the Indiana University Indianapolis School of Law to begin a career as a prosecutor.

In order to become a prosecutor, Steve will take criminal-law focused classes in his second and third year of law school. He also hopes to land an internship or find part-time work with a prosecutor’s firm or court while in law school.

“In general, it helps to make connections with people who are in the area of law that you are interested in in order to gain some experience while you are a student,” Edinger said.

Edinger, a 2010 history and political science graduate, met frequently with his professors and appreciates how they always gave him feedback and advice whenever he needed it. The history classes and professors prepared Edinger well in his preparations for the LSAT exam.

“Take advantage of your professors’ advice,” Edinger recommended. “Going to law school is tough and it helps when you’re not trying to get there alone. Take as many difficult classes to prepare for the demanding nature of law school. You’ll be well prepared.”

To prepare for law school, Edinger took classes focusing on writing, as well as classes in areas such as history, political science, philosophy and business. His two favorite classes were Logic and Philosophy where he learned how to think logically and hone his problem-solving skills and American Constitutional History where he received instruction from former Huntington County Prosecuting Attorney and discussed the Constitution and various Supreme Court decisions.

To see how the legal system worked firsthand, Edinger completed an internship with the Huntington County Prosecutor’s Office in the child support enforcement agency in the spring of 2009. He observed what a lawyer does on a day-to-day basis and sat in on a few court cases.

“My internship made it clear to me that I wanted to pursue law school and criminal law,” he said. “I learned that as a prosecutor, it is difficult to find the line between seeking justice for the victims you represent and compassion for the accused. I also learned that the role of the courts isn't to be vengeful, but rather to do their best to find solutions for people.”

When Steve found free time, he enjoyed the camaraderie of the close-knit community at HU and how close everyone seemed to be.

“I loved the atmosphere on Wright Third,” Edinger said. “It was easy to build relationships with those around me. I also loved the small college atmosphere and small class sizes. HU is committed to being a Christian college.”

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