Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

philosophy department

The philosophy department at Huntington University engages in examining the basic assumptions on which all our knowledge and beliefs are built and in seeing how the world fits together. Students are trained to think deeply and critically for a variety of different fields.

Philosophy is outstanding as a pre-professional major for students planning on graduate study in law or theology. It also provides intellectual training for any field of study.

A degree with results

Research shows that philosophy majors typically score higher on graduate school entrance exams, including the GRE and LSAT.

Mission Minded

Huntington University has a focus on service. Listen to an interview from BOTT Radio about the work students are doing in India with Home of Love. Click here.

alumni impact

Advantages of a Christian college education at Huntington University

Evan Cline

Philosophy & Religious Studies '12

Evan's classes taught him how to think and learn.

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news & events

Three alumni honored at HU’s Homecoming Huntington University honored three alumni at today’s Homecoming luncheon for their work in advancing the institution’s mission to impact the world for Christ.
Huntington’s work in India to growHuntington University has had a relationship with Chennai’s Home of Love in India that has grown in the form of service trips to this orphanage. Over the past three years, the trip has experienced a consistent rise in popularity. This new facet of life for Huntington University has some big plans in store for its future.