public relations policies

In an effort to promote the University, the Office of University Relations frequently disseminates information, including photographs, regarding activities on campus to the media (including through readMedia which also creates online portfolios of student accomplishments) as well as to the general public through the University’s website. This information includes, but is not limited to, Dean’s List designations; graduation announcements; enrollment; athletic, theatre and music involvements; general campus photos; and images from various activities on campus, such as Homecoming. The Office of University Relations only releases information designated as directory information by the University.

The Office of University Relations may release directory information to the media and publish that same information on the University’s website without the student’s prior consent. Directory information includes the following: name, identification number, address, home telephone number, date and place of birth, major fields of study, classification, participation in recognized activities and sports, photograph, dates of attendance, academic honors and awards, full-time and part-time status, eligibility for licensing or certification, and degrees and awards received. Permission is required, however, for photos or videos of minors, patients in medical settings, or subjects who are primarily being featured in advertisements or promotions in which a person’s name, image and/or likeness are being used in the context that implies endorsement.

Persons may request that information not be disclosed to the media or placed on the website by completing a request in the Office of University Relations.

All information, photographs and graphics generated by the Office of University Relations are property of the University and must be used within the guidelines in which they are released. “Huntington University” is a registered trademark protected by Federal law. The name, logo, and symbols of the University may only be used in connection with officially sanctioned activities, functions and events, and may not be used in any manner contrary to the University’s mission and Community Life Agreement.