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Real life experiences can change your outlook

Internships can show you the truth
Profile-Adam Noblitt

“I feel that I have been given the right tools and was well prepared to enter a learning experience in business.”

Adam Noblitt learned that an internship isn’t just an opportunity to explore areas of interest, but also learn what areas weren’t right for him.

Noblitt, who at the time was a senior business management major from Decatur, Ind., chose to complete an internship with Custom Car Care, a large, independent automotive dealership in Decatur, with the help of Huntington University’s Enterprise Resource Center. Beginning in August and lasting through December 2006, Noblitt applied his business knowledge and skills from the classroom to the real world through working in sales and advertising.

But Noblitt learned that sales wasn’t his area of interest.

“I have learned that sales in this aspect may not be the best career decision for me,” Noblitt said. “Without this experience, I never would have known my interests and strengths as well as I do now.”

Although he didn’t find his ideal career path, Noblitt still took many lessons away from the experience. He said he learned a great deal about time management and the skills of working with a wide variety of people. He also expressed his gratitude to the business department faculty at HU for preparing him for this opportunity off campus.

“You never realize how much the classroom prepares you for the real world until you are put out into it,” Noblitt said. “I feel that I have been given the right tools and was well prepared to enter a learning experience in business.”

And Noblitt has the ERC to thank for this opportunity. The ERC aims to open up doors to internships and job shadowing experiences for HU students. Noblitt emphasized the importance of taking an opportunity from the ERC, even if it is something a little different, to see whether it confirms an interest, or puts one to rest.

“The opportunities at the ERC are endless,” Noblitt said. “The students at Huntington should feel very blessed to have a unique resource such as this one. Not too many college students are as fortunate.”

And this opportunity is one that Noblitt is not soon to forget.

“There are many things you can read in textbooks while in school, but real-life experiences help you understand even better how to react to situations in the real world,” he said, “The things I learned through this will be taken with me for the rest of my life.”

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