Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

Grad student follows passion in counseling

Becky Sands describes the advantages of a counseling degree at Huntington University, a Christian college.

"I love that the degree I earned at Huntington University has prepared me for a variety of jobs in the counseling field."

When Becky Sands walked across the stage and received her bachelor’s degree, she knew her next step would be a master’s in counseling. She had earned her B.A. in psychology and sociology at Huntington University, but a class with Dr. Jerry Davis is what truly uncovered her passion and desire for a career in counseling.

“Dr. Davis emphasized HU having a program that provides an extensive range of theoretical training while integrating the Christian faith perspective,” Sands said. “Finding a program that prepared me to intertwine my faith into my future career was an important factor in deciding where to continue my education.”

Having professors take a special interest in the students’ success was also integral in the decision making process for Sands. She knew at times larger universities struggled with providing the personalized touch HU’s faculty strive to offer. “I knew the professors at HU would be investing their time and energy into advancing my future counseling career.”

Sands was tempted to go to school in her home state of Pennsylvania but reconsidered when she learned that Indiana has some of the strictest requirements for licensure. “Choosing Huntington University provided a mobility and flexibility that was a huge aspect of my choice,” said Sands. “If I ever needed to move for my future endeavors, the process would be easier because of the higher requirements in Indiana.”

Since graduating, Sands has worked part time as a home-based supervisor at the Youth Services Bureau in Huntington, Ind., and at Wieland and Associates in Fort Wayne, Ind., as a mental health counselor and psychological testing technician. 

“The exposure provided through the on campus counseling center provides irreplaceable preparation for the tragic stories that walk through your door every day,” said Sands. “The Lifespring Counseling Center provided the opportunity to practice the skills I learned in the classroom and apply them to real-life situations.”

Huntington’s graduate counseling program seemed to be a perfect fit for Sands. “I love that the degree I earned at Huntington University has prepared me for a variety of jobs in the counseling field.”