Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

HU alumni testimonial

Seminary Student, Denver Seminary; Denver, CO

 "My time at Huntington was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a Bible and Religion major. Having now gone on to seminary I feel more than aptly prepared. The quality of education was magnificent. The professors not only taught in class but were available to go out to lunch to talk about something in the subject, future schooling or life. Dr. Fairchild joined me in many a fun time, even going to the movies with a group of us once.

One thing I feared about studying the Bible as an academic discipline was making the Word of God a text book. The professors at Huntington helped push me deeper in areas of thought as well as helped me see new personal insights in scripture. I love the balance they brought to studying the word of God even in Greek. Dr. Bergdall’s passion for excellence paired with his personal insights brought much to the table... The professors also were able to make it enjoyable... I would recommend Huntington to all who are pursuing God or a degree in Bible or Theology."