Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

Huntington lays foundation for life and ministry experiences

Associate Pastor, Grace Community Church; Winchester, VA

 "My experience at Huntington University laid a foundation upon which my life and ministry experiences have continued to build. My undergraduate study at Huntington gave me a healthy balance of the academic and the spiritual sides of studying God as well as the theoretical and the practical sides of doing ministry and Christian life. I look back on my years at Huntington as some of the best and most formative of my life.

The knowledge I gained in the Bible and Religion department gave me the tools I needed to study the Scriptures in an informed and intelligent way — without diminishing their value or accuracy as the Word of God. I was exposed to a variety of theological understandings and perspectives that prepared me to understand the diverse backgrounds and beliefs of the people I serve... The faculty were people who cared about me as a person and who were ready to share their own lives with me, providing a host of role-models and mentors to look up to... Huntington was a life-changing place for me — a safe but challenging place to learn, grow and discover who I was as I prepared to enter the world of full-time ministry. No amount of college programs or classes can ever fully prepare a man or woman for the realities of full-time service to God and His church. However, Huntington University gave me a foundation for ministry that will last for the rest of my life – the person and work of Jesus Christ Himself."