Senior art exhibit, "Interactions," on display


Huntington, Ind.— Huntington College seniors, Julie Dungan, Tonya Lonsbury, and Amanda Lucich present their senior art presentation “Interactions.” The Display can be seen during the Huntington College Senior Art Exhibit this April 30- May 19 in the Robert E. Wilson Gallery.

Julie Dungan, daughter of Harold and Jean Dungan from Greenfield, Indiana, will be completing her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design this May. In her works on display, Dungan is primarily using two avenues of visual communication, informational and emotional. Through these techniques, she wishes her viewers to interact with the artwork. Dungan says, “my desire is to draw people into my artwork so they can experience the interaction or process that occurred in each piece.” Dungan further believes that as people are moved emotionally by artwork, they then can further understand and appreciate the development involved in both the work itself as well as in the artist. After graduation, Dungan is pursuing a career in graphic design in the Midwest.

Tonya Lonsbury, daughter of Bill and Judy Lonsbury from Angola, Indiana, will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Minor in Fine Arts. Lonsbury’s goal for this exhibit is to open viewers’ eyes to the combination of arts that make up graphic design. “Graphic design is not ‘drawing on the computer’. The truly successful designer understands the fine arts and integrates this knowledge into all elements of their work.” It is this interaction within the arts that Lonsbury hopes the viewers will not only understand, but also become a part of themselves. “Graphic design, like any art form, must relate to its audience, drawing them in and expressing itself to them.” Lonsbury feels that much can be expressed through the simplicity of a curving line of a letter or a well-spaced layout, and desires to portray this in her exhibit. After graduation, Lonsbury’s plans include moving to Tampa Bay, Florida to pursue a career in graphic design, and getting married in February.

Amanda Lucich is the daughter of Tim and Jeanie Lucich from Valparaiso, Indiana. She will be completing requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts. Lucich’s concentrated area of study lies in ceramics, where she is manipulating the conventional bottle form. Lucich says, “My pieces require the interaction between the viewer and the form for the impact and meaning of the forms to be fully realized. I want the viewer to physically relate to each piece by walking among them in an installation, thereby becoming an active participant in the metamorphosis of these forms.” Following graduation, Lucich will be getting married in August and moving to Kansas, where she will pursue a double Masters degree in Art Therapy and Counseling at Emporia State University.

The Senior Art Exhibit is open to the public and can be seen during gallery hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. An Artist’s Reception will be held Saturday, May 5 from 6 to 8 p.m. For more information regarding the display, contact Elizabeth Frey Davis, Gallery Director, at (260) 358-4172.

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