New Opportunities for Business Students

Huntington College adds three new programs

Huntington, Ind.— Business students at Huntington College will soon be able to earn their bachelor’s degree in three new specializations. Beginning Fall 2001, new concentrations in e-commerce, not-for-profit management, and small business management will become a part of Huntington’s growing business program. Dr. Ann McPherren, professor of business and economics explains the benefits to students enrolled in each of these programs:

Dr. Ann McPherren. Click to download larger scan, suitable for newsprint.“With the new program in e-commerce, HC students will gain the ability to design, implement and manage an infrastructure of information technology, data, and organization-wide systems. Further, they will also acquire the skills to manage, analyze and develop applications for electronic business.

“The small business program is needed because the number of small businesses in the U.S. has increased by almost 50% over the past 20 years to approximately 22 million small businesses today. Offering a concentration in small business management will help develop and better prepare Huntington College students for the opportunity to directly impact their world for Christ through their personal actions in operating their small businesses.

“While some may consider the pursuit of maximum profit and wealth as prime activities of business, Huntington students are challenged to consider the use of profit and wealth to serve God’s creation. Our not-for-profit program will prepare future human-service professionals to work with America's youth and families as Christ's redemptive agents.”

“All three new programs are strategic additions to our curriculum,” said Huntington College president G. Blair Dowden. “The new e-commerce program is particularly exciting. It is not just about electronic wizardry. Rather, it will combine modern technology with old-fashioned business sense. Our e-commerce graduates will be prepared to manage company-wide systems for success in the digital age.”

“Our new e-commerce concentration is not only a response to rising demand from college-bound students, but is also a strategic step by the College to help stimulate the growth of the information economy in Northeast Indiana,” Dowden added. “It is one of the ways Huntington College strives to adapt to—and also to influence—changes in the regional marketplace.”

Huntington College's Department of Business is the third largest academic program on campus. The three new concentrations will be added to existing offerings in accounting, economics, management, and business education. To find out more about Huntington’s business program call (800) 642-6493, visit the Business Department web site, or simply complete this online form.

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Heather Barkley
Director of Communications
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Sports Information Director