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Dr. William Hasker defines terms for philosophical dictionary

HUNTINGTON, IN -- Dr. William Hasker, distinguished professor of philosophy at Huntington College , has contributed passages to the recently released Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy published by Cambridge University Press.

Hasker authored four passages defining the philosophical terms, "Evidentialism," "Middle Knowledge," "Justification by Faith," and "Self-Referential Incoherence."

In the dictionary, Hasker defines "Justification by Faith" as "the characteristic doctrine of the Protestant Reformation that sinful human beings can be justified before God through faith in Jesus Christ...Justification is received by faith, which is not merely belief in Christian doctrine but includes a sincere and heartfelt trust and commitment to God in Christ for one’s salvation. Such faith...leads to the reception of the transforming influences of God’s grace to a life of love, obedience, and service to God."

The Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy is currently available in bookstores and libraries nationally.

Dr. Hasker is a nationally known philosopher of religion, with special interests in religious epistemology, the problem of evil and divine providence, and divine knowledge and human free will. He organized the Philosophy of Mind conference at the University of Notre Dame in 1994, and served as advisory editor of a special issue of Faith and Philosophy on the philosophy of mind.

His published works include Metaphysics: Constructing a Worldview (InterVarsity, 1983); God, Time, and Knowledge (Cornell, 1989); and many related articles. He collaborated on several seminal works on faith and philosophy, including Reason and Religious Belief (Oxford, 1991) and Philosophy of Religion: Selected Readings (Oxford, 1996). He also co-authored The Openness of God: A Biblical Challenge to the Traditional Conception of God (InterVarsity 1994), which was named one of the best books of 1994 by Christianity Today magazine.

Dr. Hasker has contributed articles to the Encyclopedia of Philosophy Supplement and the forthcoming Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. He is currently at work on a book on the philosophy of mind which will challenge the current materialist consensus in that field.

Dr. Hasker received his B.A. from Wheaton College in 1956 in biblical studies. He attended the Fuller Theological Seminary, and received his B.D. from Berkeley Baptist Divinity School. He earned his Ph.D. in theology and philosophy of religion in 1961 from The University of Edinburgh.

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