'The Firebird' to be performed at the Merillat Centre

The Fort Wayne Ballet will present a new view on the traditional story

HUNTINGTON, IN-- The Fort Wayne Ballet will present the traditional story of "The Firebird" and the strongly classical piece "La Bayadere" at the Merillat Centre for the Arts on Thursday, March 7, at 7 p.m. This performance will be part of the Fort Wayne Ballet’s celebration of its twenty-fifth season.

"The Firebird" is a Russian story about a young man, Ivan, who finds a firebird and is given one of her magical feathers to keep him out of harm. He later uses the feather when captured by the evil sorcerer Kastchei’s guards and sentenced to die for trying to enter his castle. Ivan had gone into the castle to rescue his beloved princess, imprisoned by Kastchei.

The guest choreographer for the performance, Charles David Anderson, is a former member of the New York City Ballet. His unique treatment of "The Firebird" focuses more on the prince and princess than most renditions.

Tickets are $8, $10 and $12 and are available at the Merillat Centre for the Arts. For more information, call 356-6000, extension 2061.

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Heather Barkley
Director of Communications
Joanne Green
Sports Information Director