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Benificial internship confirms passion

Rachel Blakely-small

“I’ve come away from it with the confirmation that this is truly what I want to do; this is my passion."

Huntington University senior Rachel Blakey received confirmation about her career choice of helping people with developmental disabilities through an internship with Stone Belt in Columbus, Ind.

With the help of Huntington University’s Enterprise Resource Center, Rachel gained valuable knowledge about the behind the scenes work of assisting people with disabilities.

A psychology major from Decatur, Ind., Rachel always has had a heart for those who are physically and mentally challenged because one of her own family members has a disability.

During the summer of 2009, Rachel worked as a direct services provider for adults with disabilities.

“I would take them out into the community every day and work with them on job skills,” she said.

Rachel has worked with people with disabilities for a long time, but until this experience, she was unfamiliar with the details of the paperwork that is necessary for such persons to receive government funding.

Through this experience, Rachel discovered more specifically what she wanted to do upon graduation. She had hopeed to work more with the paperwork at an organization like Stone Belt because she feel like advocating for them to the government is the most effective way she can help, as most of their income is through government funding.

While searching for internships, Rachel discovered this opportunity through a friend who is employed at Stone Belt and then contacted the ERC to help her complete the necessary paperwork.

This experience was very rewarding and beneficial to Rachel. She recommends internships to anyone because they provide opportunities to see aspects of the job that may be otherwise unfamiliar.

“I’ve come away from it with the confirmation that this is truly what I want to do; this is my passion,” she said. “I’ve seen all the aspects of this job now … and this is what I want to do.”

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