HC Professor's New Book Focuses on Families

Steve Lee offers advice to dads of teens

HUNTINGTON, IN -- Dr. Steve Lee's new book, "Boys to Men," has been released by Moody Press. The book offers practical strategies for making parenting adolescents a positive experience.

"This book isn't a Pollyanna view of parenting ¾ its' real," says Lee, associate professor of psychology at Huntington College. Dr. Lee and co-author Chap Clark share openly about their successes and failures as parents of boys. The book offers suggestions for helping sons survive the very turbulent teenage years and develop into fine young men.

"Today, what it means to be a man, and just when the transformation from boyhood to manhood takes place, is up for grabs at best and culturally ignored at worst," argue the authors. But our sons will still need to be taught just what defines a man. They need to know in what ways they differ from girls, what is expected of them as they grow, and receive clear makers which tell them that they are progressing in their journey toward maturity."

Steve Lee earned his BA from Bethel College, MS from North Dakota State University, and Ed.D. from the University of South Dakota. He chairs the Department of Psychology at Huntington College. Along with nurturing two sons, Trevor and Ryan, Steve and his wife Twyla are partners in leading marriage and family workshops.

When asked what motivated him to write this book, Lee responds with a grin, "Remembering the ‘thrills of victory and the agonies of defeat' from my own teenage years."

"Over the past few years, I have had a growing burden for the creation of Christian character in adolescent boys," Lee explains. "Many families and churches report a lack of spiritual development and leadership by young adult men. We believe dads are the key to stimulating Christian character. For boys, the communicated and passed on faith of their father is the single most significant factor in building a man of God."

"If we can help our sons ¾ our future Christian men ¾ to develop Christian character in their formative adolescent years, then a transition to spiritual maturity and leadership in adulthood should be more probable and effective."

Author and noted family expert Gary Smalley says, "One of the greatest challenges every father faces is how to help his son come through the teenage years with his own God-given identity and a strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ. With compassion and clarity, Chap Clark and Steve Lee break important new ground in giving dads practical tools to help their sons navigate the mine-field of adolescence."

Dr. Larry Crabb, author and psychologist, calls "Boys to Men," "warm, personal, engaging, filled with stories every father can relate to and practical suggestions every father can use." The book "goes a long way toward meeting the greatest need of our day, godly mentors who seize their opportunity to promote Christian character in those they influence."

"Boys to Men" is now available in the Huntington College bookstore located on the first floor of the Huntington Union Building. Call (219) 356-6000, extension 1070 for further information.

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