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Internships can lead to full time jobs

Amanda V small

Amanda "Rosie" Van Rosendale (left) and Mandy Reber, director of the Boys and Girls Club of Huntington County

When choosing between and independent study or an internship, Amanda Van Rosendale’s decision to opt for the internship paid off – with a full-time job.

“It all began because my sociology major required me to complete either an independent study or an internship,” said Amanda, or Rosie as she’s more commonly known. “I chose the internship that the Enterprise Resource Center found for me.”

The ERC offered Rosie, a 2008 graduate from South Holland, Ill., a month-long internship position during a January Term with the Boys and Girls Club of Huntington County, giving Rosie the opportunity to work with children from the Huntington area.

“The ERC did a great job,” said Mandy Reber, director for the Boys and Girls Club of Huntington County. “They came to visit the Boys and Girls Club and made sure Rosie was doing what the internship required.”

Rosie was hired on a part-time basis that February to work with Afternoon ROCK (Recreation, Object lessons, Culture and values, and Knowledge) in Indiana, an anti-drug program that teaches children about drugs and their side effects.

“We had a part-time opening at the start of the semester and didn't even open it up,” Mandy said. “We hired Rosie immediately following her internship.”

That May, Rosie was offered the position of running the Afternoon ROCK program at the Huntington Boys and Girls Club, as well as the Bluffton and Warren clubs. ROCK is a drug-prevention program for children in grades five through eight and is funded by Indiana’s Division of Mental Health and Addiction. Approximately 70 percent of the counties in Indiana have a ROCK program that is run through a Boys and Girls Club, YMCA or school.

“Again, we didn't even need to open it up,” Reber said. “Rosie was a perfect and willing candidate. The ROCK kids are really excited that Rosie is in charge this year.”

During her work, Rosie spent three days a week working with the Afternoon ROCK, and the rest of her time with her regular club duties. The program focused on teaching children about drugs in an engaging way including field trips, games and a lesson.

As for that summer, Rosie worked at the Boys and Girls Club, building relationships with the children. Her time was spent primarily in the game room where club members can play games, but are under the care of club workers.

“Rosie did great with her internship at the club in January,” Reber said. “She made connections with several youth by the end of her first day and was willing to jump right in with anything we asked her to help with. Many people are overwhelmed when they start with more than 100 youth per day, but Rosie wasn't at all.”

To become a Certified Prevention Professional to run the ROCK program, Rosie went through more than 100 hours of training over the summer along with her regular club responsibilities and running Intramural Soccer at the Boys and Girls Club.

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