Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

Senior finds calling in nursing at HU

Erin Yoder headshot

“I’ve always loved babies, and the only career choice I ever seriously considered was labor and delivery nursing.”

“I felt like it was meant to be.”

Senior nursing major Erin Yoder knew Huntington University was for her after visiting the campus.

After many visits during high school and many conversations with friends, she felt that Huntington had something different to offer its students. The downside? Yoder wanted to be a nurse and Huntington did not have a nursing degree.

“The day Huntington got the nursing program, I knew they were an option for me.”

Not seriously considering any other universities, she knew that Huntington had everything she needed. The Christian environment was another huge pull in getting her to come to HU.

“I wanted the opportunity to be taught by professors that shared my same beliefs and values.”

One aspect she did not expect is how much the Christian staff and faculty would affect her education in the nursing department.

“I underestimated how beneficial it would be going through the nursing program. It’s all about caring for people: physically, mentally and spiritually.”

Because of the Christian training Yoder received, she is confident that she can interact with her patients from a different perspective. The experience and the knowledge that the professors share, coming from a Christian perspective is another invaluable skill that she developed while studying.

While the tough schedule and rigorous class demands keep Yoder and the other nursing students busy and academically challenged, she has had no issues shining academically.

Yoder is a presidential scholar and has been on the dean’s list every semester while at Huntington. She describes one of the best things about the nursing department as the small class sizes and the comrade they share and the relationships they build.

“The small class sizes with the same people, you can bounce ideas of each other, work together on projects and study together. Carpooling is a must,” she said.

But she also attributes the professors and their love of their professions to her academic and professional success.

“It’s great to know we are being taught by people who have been in the same situation we will be in, in just a few months,” she said. “One of the best things about the department is all the professors have worked as professional nurses.”

With graduation looming, Yoder talks about role transition and hitting the jackpot for her placement. She is working at Parkview Hospital in the obstetrics department. She knew her whole life she wanted to work in obstetrics as a labor and delivery nurse. After experiencing a c-section and working with the mom afterword and the miracle of a healthy baby, she knew that babies were the direction for her.

“I’ve always loved babies, and the only career choice I ever seriously considered was labor and delivery nursing.”

The grueling schedule of the nursing department and working as a student worker, her schedule keeps her moving. But she knows the experience she is gaining and the knowledge is invaluable to her academically and professionally.