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Internship helps point student in new direction

Scott Skiles

“I realized that being cooped up in a little room all day and having to dress professionally all the time is not for me.”

For most Huntington University students that step through the door of the Enterprise Resource Center, a successful internship in their field is all they need to affirm their career paths. But for some, like freshman Scott Skiles, the right internships can point them in a different — and better — direction.

Skiles, an exercise and movement science and sport and exercise studies double major from Pierceton, Ind., began seeking internships in chiropractic care at the start of his freshman year.

“I had always considered becoming a chiropractor,” he said. “I have gone to the chiropractor for as long as I can remember, and my uncle is a chiropractor so it was definitely something that I was interested in.”

The ERC set Skiles up with three local chiropractors over the January Term. There, he logged 80 hours fulfilling responsibilities such as office paperwork, assisting the doctors with various tasks and observing their work throughout the day.

“I took away a much greater respect for chiropractors and the work they do,” he said. “I was able to observe everything that takes place outside of the adjustment room and the hard work that they must do in dealing with the insurance companies, faculty and other such things.”

But the biggest takeaway from the experience for Skiles? He didn’t want to be a chiropractor anymore.

“I realized that being cooped up in a little room all day and having to dress professionally all the time is not for me,” he said.

Skiles instead intends to pursue a career as a strength and conditioning specialist or a track and field coach in the future. He hopes to intern next at Fort Wayne’s Athletes With Purpose — with the help of the ERC.

“Without a doubt, the ERC was extremely helpful in my first internship. They made it extremely easy for me,” he said.

For Skiles, the internship experience has only helped him discover which career path is the best fit for him.

“I want a profession that I am still able to interact with people, but something that allows me to engage in different activities,” he said. “Something that I will be able to yell and scream and motivate people to push themselves — and being able to wear my sweats everyday wouldn’t be too bad either.”