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The Theory of Film Studies

Alum finds his strengths working with NeighborLink, WANE-TV
Ryan Schnurr describes advantages of studying film at Huntington University, a Christian college.

“I have been blessed to have the opportunity to consistently utilize the skills that I learned.”

The job is documenting the story.

At WANE-TV and NeighborLink, both in Fort Wayne, Ind., Ryan Schnurr works behind the camera, making sure that the story is entertaining, but accurate at the same time.

“I love telling stories through visual media,” said Schnurr, a 2012 film studies, broadcasting and communication studies major. “(These jobs) challenge my abilities, and, specifically with NeighborLink, my worldview and thoughts regarding things like poverty and justice. So I am constantly interacting with diverse experiences which is fascinating.”

Schnurr first came to HU to study broadcasting, but progressively became intrigued with film and communication, and more specifically, the theory behind both artforms.

“I added the film studies major because I was fascinated by the possibilities it opened up when it comes to long-form, concentrated storytelling,” he said, “I added communication studies because I was hopelessly curious about communication theory and the overarching principles of the field.”

At WANE-TV, Schnurr works in production doing camera operation, graphics and other work. At NeighborLink, a nonprofit organization aimed at promoting volunteerism in the Fort Wayne community, he tells their impactful stories through documentaries.

“As a film studies major I was drawn to documentary film and the process and theory of that, and that's exactly what I'm doing at NeighborLink,” he said.

Schnurr began working for WANE-TV in May 2012. His work with NeighborLink, however, began even before graduation. He had interned for the organization in 2011, and was offered a staff position just one year later — a testament to his work as a student.

“I have been blessed to have the opportunity to consistently utilize the skills that I learned,” he said.

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