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Summer provides more internship opportunities for students

“This has long been my ‘dream internship’ as I have always been interested in the work of Jellyfish Labs founder Phil Vischer..."-Andrew Martin

For many Huntington University students summer is a time of year to enjoy sunshine, relax, and find a pointless summer job to pay the bills until fall rolls around. But for then-HU Student Body Vice-President and senior, Andrew Martin, summer was a season of excitement and hands on experience at Jellyfish Labs in Wheaton, Illinois.

Andrew is an Animation and Computer Science double major, studying the vast and new technology in digital media.

Martin made the initial contact through Professor Bryan Ballinger and Molly Kesler of the Enterprise Resource Center, who connected him to Tim Johnson, the office manager at Jellyfish Labs.

Tim housed Martin over the course of the summer in his own home, giving Martin a glance at what the office manager’s life is like in and outside of the production studio.

While at Jellyfish Labs, Martin dabbled in miscellaneous tasks to help the editor by working with After Effects, a program creating computerized backgrounds for puppetry shows, and Jellyfish’s designed artwork for video segments.

One of the major projects Martin accomplished this summer was creating DVD segments for Jellyfish’s new “What’s In The Bible” series. He also helped make up some of the curriculum used in the DVD’s.

Martin’s second major project consumed many hours. He worked on ten episodes of Jellyfish’s AWANA material. This included originating and editing utilizing After Effects to develop “motion graphics” for approximately one hour of content.

Martin stated that even after the long, tedious hours he “really, truly enjoys where his career could go…it never got old.”

As Andrew reflected on his internship, he noted that “the aspect of the internship that had the most effect was the business aspect. Even though this wasn’t the intent, I was able to obverse from all angles the operations of a production studio.”

The internship experience prepared Martin for his own goal of managing his own production studio in the future. “This has long been my ‘dream internship’ as I have always been interested in the work of Jellyfish Labs founder Phil Vischer, who is the creator of Veggie Tales.”

Martin has also recently been involved in bringing Phil Vischer to Huntington University for a Forester lecture on November 9, 2010. For years, Martin has wished for students to hear Phil’s encouraging and inspirational story about his career and passions.

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