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Learning the art of balance

A busy college life prepares Gayed for the pressures of medical school
Benjamin Gayed on a chemistry degree from Huntington University, a Christian college.

"When Ben wasn’t studying thermodynamics or working in the chemistry lab, he laced up his cleats as one of the HU men’s soccer players."

Benjamin “Ben” Gayed runs off the field after a long, hot soccer practice. After a quick shower, he hops in his car and drives back across campus to Forester Village where he lives with his wife and daughter. He greets his wife with a kiss as he walks through the door to their home. He plays with his daughter before putting her to bed, and then hits the books, trying to finish all of his chemistry assignments before classes the next morning.

To most people, this schedule sounds rough, but Ben felt his time at HU prepared him for what came after graduation — medical school.

“We did not know at the time that learning balance was going to be such an important lesson for us as the demands on our time only grew after graduation,” Ben said.

Ben transferred to Huntington University his sophomore year after having spent a year at a larger state school. He couldn’t believe the difference between class sizes and personal attention he received from his professors.

“My freshman general chemistry course had 350 students enrolled,” he said. “My organic chemistry course at HU was smaller in comparison. It was like having a private tutor. If I missed class one day, I could expect a call or an e-mail from Professor Bordeaux to make sure I was feeling well and to see if I had any questions about the material.”

When Ben wasn’t studying thermodynamics or working in the chemistry lab, he laced up his cleats as one of the HU men’s soccer players. Through his time on the team, Ben learned leadership, responsibility and how to finish strong — skills he now uses on the job.

“I learned how to give 100 percent even after I felt like I had nothing left to give,” Ben said.

Ben graduated from HU in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry. After leaving Huntington, he pursued his M.D. degree from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine and received his degree in 2009.

Today, Ben works as a resident physician specializing in general surgery at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis where he watches over patients, manages his own medical team and educates himself, his students and his patients on current medical practices.

Ben appreciates Huntington for preparing him for his demanding schedule and helping him establish a healthy and balanced view of the world.

“When I left Huntington, my education was strong and facilitated my transition to medical school,” he said. “Huntington also made sure that my knowledge about Christ, my understanding of the relationship between faith and science, and my marriage were all strong enough to thrive in places that did not share our view of the world — to impact the world around us rather than hide from it.”

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