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Alum finds unexpected career path

Started out in teaching, now in administration
Erin Bean describes advantages of music education degree program at Huntington University, a Christian college.

“(Those relationships are) something that doesn’t stop when you walk out the door."

Several years after graduation, Erin Bean found herself in a unique, new position. After teaching for a few years, the school asked her to take on a more administrative role. Today, Bean is the arts integration specialist at Weisser Park Elementary.

“It wasn’t something I was looking for. It was placed in my lap,” she said. “I never necessarily felt like I was a person who wanted to be an administrator, but I can see my skills grow. That’s totally God doing that.”

In her position, she works half-time teaching and half-time in an administrative role, organizing programs for the art and music classes at the elementary. As an arts magnet school, students have an opportunity to take specialized music and art classes, dancing classes and many other programs in the areas of art and music.

While teaching an ensemble arts class, Bean also works to coordinate teachers (inside and outside of the school) to teach the unique programs offered at the school.

“I have just learned what has worked,” she said. “(I have) grown and tried to make the position my own.”

From a young age, Bean had always wanted to be a music teacher, growing up in a musical home. She came to HU to pursue her dream, and graduated in 2006 with a degree in choral education. Her ultimate career path was to have her own high school choral program, but God had other plans.

“I just felt that (this position) was a good fit at this time in my life,” she said. “Maybe I will get to that point (of having a high school program), but I’m really grateful to be where I am.”

Bean credits her time at HU for preparing her for the changes in her career path. She even stays in contact with her professors as professional contacts.

“(Those relationships are) something that doesn’t stop when you walk out the door,” she said.


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