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Colorado brings an answer to a teenage call

Student finds calling on PRIME
Paige Wilson

“PRIME was just really God saying this was the call in my life.”

Amid the Colorado mountains, something was stirring. This something was not an animal, or a storm, but something more abstract. A voice was heard, and a seeking heart found peace. Paige Wilson, a senior youth ministries major, had found her calling.

“When I was in eighth grade, my youth pastor asked me to go on a retreat with him and a group of high school kids. That was when the Lord was calling my hearts and told me like, 'I want you to follow me,’” Wilson said.

Since her pre-teen days, Wilson has felt a call in her life. She knew she was being prepared for something, and she found her answer during her PRIME experience.

Wilson ventured to Englewood, Colo., during the summer months to serve at the Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church. Middle school ministries, training volunteers, and her own group of ninth grade high school girls became her life while there. Wilson also led numerous missions trips and service projects with her students.

“We would have B.L.O.F.F. nights, which stands for 'bring lots of friends for fun' night,” Wilson said. “Sometimes we would add lots more F’s on there for things like food, fantastic, friendly and things like that.”

PRIME is an internship experience designed by the ministry and missions department at Huntington University. The PRIME (Practical Research and Immersion for Ministry Effectiveness) program prepares students to enter the field of ministry after graduation. Students choose a location of their choice during the months of May through December after the student’s junior year. These students are then mentored by experienced ministry leaders.

Wilson was connected to her PRIME mentor Chris Piehl through HU graduate Nigel Berry. Wilson spoke to Berry about her upcoming PRIME experience, and Berry got her in contact with Piehl for the internship. A short while later, Wilson was Colorado-bound.

Wilson found what was tugging at her heart her whole life. PRIME has only been the beginning of the dream for her as she finishes up her senior year and begins her ministry.

“PRIME was just really God saying this was the call in my life,” she said.