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Following the Heart

Grad finds new path, major in youth ministries
Hillary House, youth ministries graduate

“I love living my life so that they can see that it’s possible to be a Christian and have fun — to love the Lord and people won’t think you’re crazy.”

Hillary House had every intention of going back and working at a high school. She dreamed of crafting the minds of students through literature, novels and creative writing. Hillary loved English, and she wanted to teach others to love it, too.

But after freshman year at Huntington University, Hillary went to work at Gull Lake Ministries, a family camp in Hickory Corners, Mich., and felt a different calling in her life.

“About a week into working there, I was having a prayer time,” she said, “and God was like, ‘I I don’t want you to be an English teacher,’ and I was like, ‘Well, that’s unfortunate.’”

She spent the summer in prayer, asking God to lead her into a future career. And during the last part of the summer, while working with high school and middle school students, she felt a call into youth ministry.

With a new vision for her future, Hillary returned to Huntington, changing her major — and schedule — to accommodate her new found career path in youth ministries.

Camp is not the only venue that allows her to work with youth. As a freshman, she became involved with Life Church as a volunteer with the youth group.

A 2011 graduate, Hillary accepted an offer to work as Life’s youth pastor after graduation. And she said she feels confident and excited for her future career.

“I love working with youth because they allow me to be myself,” Hillary said. “I love to have fun, be spontaneous and do weird things, and (the students) accept me for that."

Hillary also said a perk of her job is showing students Christ’s despite what others might think.

“I love living my life so that they can see that it’s possible to be a Christian and have fun — to love the Lord and people won’t think you’re crazy,” she said.

Hillary’s heart for people stretches beyond the walls of her own church. She volunteers at numerous organizations within the community, including the Huntington House and “What’s Your I.D.?,” which is an event for junior high and high school girls in the community.

Hillary said service to Huntington’s community is not only important to her work in ministry but also her relationship with God.

“Service is important, one, just as an example to my students, but, two, it’s what we’ve been called to do,” she said. “If I’m not serving then I’m not really doing what I’m called to do.” 

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