Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana



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High School Mathematics Competition

The Huntington University Mathematics competition is provided as a means of fostering mathematical interest and expertise among high school students.

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Facilities & Equipment

Huntington University has a 90,000 square-foot Science Hall for the Division of Natural and Mathematical Sciences. The facility features a quality learning environment with student-friendly spaces, teaching and research specialty equipment, well-designed laboratories and research spaces, and multimedia classrooms in rich, art-infused aesthetic surroundings.

Computers are used in most math courses to help with visualization and tedious computations. Students and faculty rely on Mathematica, a powerful computation and modeling tool, for a wide range of applications. Additional computer software used includes Geometer's Sketchpad, Excel, and the Geometric Super Supposer. These programs are available to the students both inside and outside of class. Industrial internships are available during the summer and January term.

Computer laboratories are available for student use and provide opportunities for computer science majors to be lab assistants. Seniors in computer science are required to develop a software program for use by someone in the community. This program will actually be of need and utilized by the recipient.

An advantage of Huntington University’s mathematics and computer science department is its size. Class size ranges from 3 to 15 students and allows for a great deal of personal attention and assistance. Professors are willing to take the time to explain difficult material and provide outside instruction when needed. Students are challenged to learn and are helped to succeed.

Huntington is a Christian college of the liberal arts.